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Sighted on Thursday 05. March 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: one hour

4 separate sitings in Quito Ecuador 3/5/09. 7:30 pm.The power went out and shortly after, my dad called me to see if my power was out. My phone was upstairs, so I went up to answer it, and than out onto my 3rd floor balcony as I noticed the moon was very light. The night sky was almost absolutely clear, the stars were really shining and I could see very well, since all the sreet lights were out. I am in Quito Ecaudor, in a valley outside the city. At about 7:30, while looking at the sky, I saw something far away, as it looked like a star, moving across the night sky. This was nothing like a shooting star, as I have seen many before....this maintained its luminosity? and moved consistently at the same pace about 90 degrees across the sky. I called my dad to tell him what he saw, and at his house 1 mile away, he went out. He noticed something moving across the sky, in the other direction...i was still looking in the direction on mine as I thought it had stopped moving. Than about 1 hour later, i went back out and saw another object, much lower in the sky move across the mountain range. It definietly have a few red lights....and one white. It moved across the mountain range, than out over a valley andover a mountain. This was not a plane. Since the night sky was so clear, you can EASILY tell an airplane....and also hear it. This was silent. About 3 minutes after that had passed, another passed in the same pattern, no noise. About 5 minutes later...an airplane came in and I could notice the MANY differences in ligthing, noise, etc. than what i had previously just seen. I could see NO shape with my object really...just by the lighting, it seemed almost circule or diamond shaped, but the lights were clustered close together, so it's hard to really tell.

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