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Taber (Canada), AB

Sighted on Wednesday 11. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 10 to 15 seconds

two very bright lights inside the big dipper enlarged in size then deminished within a second or 2these 2 objects had no shapes I had woke up 20 minutes prior to the sighting and stepped outside to have a smoke and coffee my habit is too look for satelites and the ISS but this early morning I saw to very bright lights not quite inside the big dipper just to the west of the peak of my house facing west these 2 lights were about half the distance of the back 2 stars of the dipper but nearly as bright as the early evening signting of Venus they were both stationary for possibly 5/6 seconds then the one on the top got about double in brightness then totally disappeared but before it was gone the lower one did exactly the same thing Ive been looking for any other sightings of this in local papers and tv but seems like so far Im the only one so decided I had to let someone know

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