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Debrecen (Hungary)

Sighted on Monday 15. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Cigar | Duration: 1 minute

Silent, Windless "Helicopter" Up-Close Night Sighting In HungaryIn the summer of 2002, I was living in Debrecen, Hungary, a city that has a wooded area in the center of it. I was driving with my wife and daughter through this wooded area at night, and I noticed something resembling a helicopter hovering and bobbing just above the trees, at the very tips of them. (These were not tall trees – about 30 feet tall.) It had lights of different colors sparsely placed all over it, and it really did not look like anything otherworldly at all. In fact, it appeared so mundane that I simply thought, “It’s odd that they would use helicopters to repair the telephone lines or whatever they’re doing up there.” Then, realizing how unlikely that was, I stopped the car, and my wife, my daughter and I all saw the same thing: a craft that resembled a helicopter against the night sky. We were close to this thing! It was literally right over our heads. And it made no wind and no sound! It just bobbed up there. We must have looked up at it for 15 seconds or so until it drifted farther away, over the forest, so that we couldn’t follow it. I only recently heard about your website on COAST TO COAST AM, and that’s why I’m only reporting this now.((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))

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