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Beaver Dam, AZ

Sighted on Saturday 25. April 2009
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Shape: Teardrop | Duration: 45 seconds

Bright Green diamond shaped craft with red around it crashes somewhere by the gorge leading to St. George UtahMy boyfriend and I were driving through the desert looking for a place to park and talk. We were above beaver dam az on a hill top facing towards the gorge that leads to St. George Ut. When all of a sudden I saw this diamond or tearshaped thing going diagonally across the sky but headed downward quickly. It was such a bright green and I'm talking bright bright green with a ring of red around it. Then it passed behind the mtns and we saw a huge flash (explosion) and it was gone. I couldnt believe my eyes and neither could my boyfriend. We heard no noise however when it crashed...all we saw was a huge flash of red and orange which led us to believe that whatever it was crashed into the earth. It was incredibly amazing and I would love to find out more information as to where the crash site would be because if it was in the gorge it would be difficult to locate, but I am willing to investigate it.

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