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Harrisville, MS

Sighted on Friday 20. March 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 1 to 1mn 30 sec

triangle shape, lights at each point underneath, red light rear green front, alt. 200-300ft., speed appx 40mph.March 25, 2009 On March 20, 2009, at about 9:45 PM, I, ((name deleted)) and my wife ((name deleted)) were standing on the patio at the rear of our house observing the stars as it was a clear night. (For orientation and topographical purposes a description follows : The lot is about 3 acres in size roughly triangular in shape with the broadest part toward the road. The front of the house faces NE. The entire lot is surrounded by woods with tall pines and hardwoods. Elevation is 345 ft. , topography is low rolling hills.) We noticed two bright lights traveling low through the trees and to the south west. We thought it might be a helicopter but there was no sound. The object continued on and became more visible as it approached the house while line of travel was to the west of our house. The object was traveling from SW to NE. The estimated time of observation from first sight to last sight was about a minute to a minute and a half.Object description based on full observation period: triangle shape, about 50 to 60 feet wide, 3 large round lights each located at the points of the triangle and underneath and visible at all points of observation, green flashing light above and centered over bottom light and red flashing light at rear. (90 degree side view and at closest point of observation) : 3 large lights visible underneath, green light on front , red light on rear, toward the front of the object and well above the under side was a row of about six very bright lights that appeared to be windows They were shaped like vertical rectangles with slightly rounded corners and side by side, these lights being toward the front of the object. The only sound was that of a large object passing through the air. The sound could only be heard shortly before the object reached the 90 degree observation point and shortly after it passed this point, otherwise there was no sound.The following are estimates based on knowledge of the terrain, distance at 90 degree observation and prior training and experience: SPEED between 30 and 40 mph; ALTITUDE between 300 to 400 feet; DISTANCE AT 90 DEGREE OBSERVATION POINT 150 to 175 yards (land measurement).My background: 4 years USMC Air Wing (air frames mechanic); 20 years Jackson, MS Police Dept. (Captain at retirement); 3 years as an investigator with Wackenhut Security Corp.; 15 years with MS Dept. of Corrections ( parole & probation officer); 4 years Jefferson Davis Co. Deputy Sheriff (Criminal Court Bailiff). I have 111 college hours and numerous law enforcement training courses.((name and address deleted)) Rd.Harrisville, MS 39082 601 ((number deleted))

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