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Isla Vista, CA

Sighted on Friday 17. April 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 6 seconds

Triangular UFO with 7 dim lights in a V shape flies over Isla Vista in Santa Barbara, CA.I was staring at the sky in the backyard of an isla vista house where a band was playing. There were about 25 people in the backyard with me, but they were over near the house while I was away to the side a bit just star gazing.Suddenly I noticed movement in the sky and saw a triangular shaped ship moving across the sky at a smooth, quick cruising speed, dead silent. I couldn't tell how large or far away it was, but if you were looking in the sky, it was about the size of a large tostito chip.The ship could have been black, or possible a grey (it was dark outside so it was difficult to tell, but I could see the whole outline of the ship.) Along the sides there were lights in a V pattern pointing in the direction that the ship was moving. You could barely see the ship in the sky, as the lights were incredibly dim. They may have just been white circles on the bottom of the ship, but I could see the V pattern made with 7 dim small circles.While I watched it fly over, the significance of what I was seeing set in when it was already directly over my head and moving away fast. I turned around and started yelling and pointing so someone else would see, but everyone kind of lazily looked up, and noone else saw it. I immediately went and called 411 to hook me up to a UFO hotline, and the guy just cracked up and sent me to the FBI which was an answering machine.Interestingly, this coincidentally happened right after. I wanted to head out to find where to report it online, but I thought I would stop at the beach first and star gaze for a bit (hoping another one would show up). I actually couldn't stop looking up for the rest of the night. Anyways, these 2 guys were walking up from the beach as I walked over. We started talking and I told them what happened earlier. I was talking about how crazy it was that I just saw this article, and heard an interview of Dr Edgar Mitchel (6th man on the moon) basically confirming that aliens were real, the gov knows it and has for 60 years, and area 51 was actually a crash where they have bodies. (check out the interview http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk/Article.asp?id=804160&spid= ) Now check this out: The guy I'm talking to acts surprised I mention area 51 and says "my dad worked for area 51. He's actually in therapy right now because of it." I freak out and start asking him questions and he continues "he didn't even tell me. My mom had told me even though she wasn't supposed to." How crazy is that? As he was leaving I yelled to him "Hey, tell me that sh*t's real. They have bodies don't they?" he replied "yeah it's real." Then he kinda realized what he was saying and he says "shit, I just told you some shit i'm not even sposed to know and Im def not supposed to say". I'm a believer.

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