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Nacogdoches, TX

Sighted on Monday 23. February 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 6 seconds

Point of light accelerates from a crawl, covers night sky in 2 seconds.I promise you it is not Venus. I know a thing or two about astronomy.At the date and time listed above, myself and a fellow honors student were stargazing atop the largest building on campus. We were both lying on our backs. All directional references and measurements should be interpreted with this in mind.At the approximate time listed above, we both simultaneously noted a point of light around 4 times the size of any star in the sky. This point of light travelled from right to left (I can obtain compass direction if needed) from appx. 60 degrees above the horizon on the right across the sky to around 30 deg above the horizon on the left. This point of light appeared to travel at satellite speed for a duration of 3-4 seconds, covering only a few degrees of night sky. In <0.75 seconds, the object sped up, covering the remaining amount of sky in 2-3 seconds, until it passed out of our sight. We did not observe a light trail behind the object, and needless to say, it was too far away for us to discern any noise.For reference, I am an International Relations major, and my friend is a Physics major with an Astronomy minor. We are both 19 years of age, and neither of us have ever used illicit substances. I have not spoken with this friend regarding this matter since this occurrence.

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