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Tabusintac (Canada), NB

Sighted on Friday 10. April 2009
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 1 minute

Large red, glowing object seen in Tabusintac, NBWhile sitting in the living room, heard a loud noise, like a big jet plane low over the house, looked out into the driveway to see what was making the noise, and hovering over the trees across from my house was a round ball like object, red in color, and glowing. The vibrations rumbled the house, somewhat like when a loud clap of thunder shakes your house. Then the object proceeded to take off corner ways to the house, it started out fast (faster then a jet plane), and gained speed, I ran down the hall to get a family memeber and by the time I looked out another window the object was gone, but the noise could still be heard. We all ran to the back patio, but there was nothing to be seen, but the noise lingered, like after a jet plane takes of at an airport but much much louder.

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