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Neosho, MO

Sighted on Wednesday 04. March 2009
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Shape: Other | Duration: 3 to 4 minutes

Wedge shap craft with 2 amber lights on it follwed me and illuminated the interior of my car with amber light.I want to share this with you. Yesterday, 03/04/2009, Wednesday, I was on my way to work. I was east of Neosho, MO, between Netonia, MO, and the MO hwy 86 and US 60 and MO 59 junctions. The exact time was 3:10 a.m. The sky was clear and I could see stars. As I passed East Newton High School on hwy 86 I looked in my review mirror and noticed two amber lights approaching me fron behind. The lights approached me at a steady pace and then back off to keep distance between me and the amber lights.At first I thought someone was coming up on me without head lights on and just had their parking lights on. As I had this thought, the amber lights came up behind me again this time very fast, I then tapped my breaks and slowed some. I watched in my review mirror as I did this. My tail lights then illuminated the outline of what appeared to be a wedge shaped object behind me and the two amber lights where in the bottom front of it and the bottom front was wedge shaped like the front of a snow plow.I then sped up to 90 mph to get away and the object then dropped back about 10 car leangths. As I approached the intersection of MO rt H and hwy 86 the object was once again on my rear bumpper , with the amber lights glowing.The speed at wich it approached me was AMAZING. It was right behind me and a amber hugh then engulfed the car on the inside. As I looked in my review mirror I observed the amber lights on the front of the object look as if they shuddered. I could feel heat on my neck, arms,face, and back.I could also hear a very distinct humming sound.I continued to drive 80 and 90 mph until I approached a curve in the highway. when I hit my brakes hard and slowed for this curve.The craft then dropped back again and the amber hugh then left my car.As I went around the curve I observed the craft leave the road behind me and travel diagonal to the southwest from my position across a vast open field, but the amber lights were still facing my direction. The object was now about 150 yards to my left. It was now about treetop high. The craft then continued facing my direction with the amber lights facing me and started moving to the southeast and climbing slowly as it did. The craft then paused in mid air, turned were the amber lights now faced the northeast and shot up at an angle to the northweast horizon. When the craft went to the northeast it was a very bright flash of amber light and a silver streak. If I would have blinked I would have missed it. That is how fast it left.

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