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Jubilee Pocket (Queensland) (Australia)

Sighted on Monday 18. May 2009
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 15 minutes

Two red and white discs seen over north Queensland, AustraliaAt 0940 this morning, I was looking for Venus near the crescent moon as I know it is visible during daylight hours. While scanning for it (with 15x70 binoculars) I saw an object appear near the moon, At first I thought it was Venus but then realized it was moving in a south-easterly direction, quite fast. I focused on it and it seemed a lot closer as I had to adjust the focus.It was round and seemed to have something red sort of trailing around it. The red part seemed to be moving around the disc. I lost track of it after about a minute. I went back to looking for the planet Venus and saw another object fitting the same description, at high altitude this time traveling in a westerly direction. I watched it for about a minute. They both made me think of a red and white parachute at first, but then I realized that they were traveling too fast.Incidentally I finally did spot Venus and it wasn't moving.

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