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Viseu de Sus (Romania)

Sighted on Thursday 14. May 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 3 minutes (cumulated)

Unknown strange lights moving across RomaniaIt was about 23:40, I was sitting in my room when my parrents rushed to the balcony and called me to see something.They told me that they saw a strange shaped object floating on the sky (about 35-40 degrees).We turned off all the lighting and we sat and waited to see it again (I am not sure if it was cloudy) After about 2 minutes it appeared again, i would describe it as a bunch of rotating circles emiting yellow light ( the size would be aprox. like a cluster of 10 stars) It looked like it was changing colours,but i may be a chromatic aberation due to the ozone layer.My father is rather describing it like a moving light of a lighthouse ( he described it like a spherical object who is illuminated from behind,and the light surrounds it slowly) It was moving from S to N, in about 20 seconds it moved about 1/4 of my visual radius and dissapeared.I would like to note that i can make the distinction betwen a meteorite or a satelite ot the iss.

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