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Triplet, NC

Sighted on Thursday 16. April 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 15 days plus

Life changing mind blowing unreal to much for 1 person3 500 Lights On Object0: YesUFO sightings saw 2 smaller orb like objects that circle each other then try to blend in sky like stars for 30 to 45 minutes as soon as the first couple stars are in the sky the orbs would do a little circle routine or hover aimlessly within a mile or 2 radius of house at about 35 to 50 thousand ft also 2 bigger UFO's with red/white lights at least 35ft each possibly bigger. 1 moved a lot possibly landed about half a mile from my place or someone was messing with me my guess is NOT But it looked like it was just hovering above the ground could not have been no more than 6 to 10ft .Tried to take picture but my camera couldn't capture image. Glowing orb sightings occurred April 16-22 of 2009 the other 2 bigger ships showed the 16th and 17th only the one big ship returned April 19-22 but here is the best part on 4/21 between 12 o clock and 1 o clock at night I was actually getting very scared had no car or phone to get the hell out of dodge and I herd a jet so ran on the porch to see what was about to happen and thought I was gonna see something really cool ha!! Nope the jet flying between 10 maybe 15 thousand ft. flew directly over the house with his burners on and a maybe a mile or 2 away was the UFO the jet just flew by or just didn't see it either way I felt a little less worried because I thought somebody finally made the call it did take of about 30 seconds later or I thought that just a cloud covering it without the cloud.Me being irrational with the reality of the situation ran to the middle of the driveway with my binoculars I noticed this pain in the back of my head that me and my mother had felt on 16th but she was to freaked out by the whole idea and actually said she was scared she was gonna get picked up and dropped of ha!! so most every night I got my binoculars and watched the orbs circling each other but they came a little earlier each night the 2 orbs were never out with the other 2 UFOs that i could see they always came before the UFOs with red/white light's.Also I'm 10! 0% sure they were not airplanes because most of the time I would be watching the UFOs and planes would go by. Also that area is flooded with air traffic day and night but those first 2 nights there was so many airplane there was at least 1 or more in my sight at all times and no noise at all from the orbs and flight characteristics matched none of today's jets/plains/helicopter hovered like a balloon but picked up to much speed to fast.It was not shooting stars very simple very clear. I also know a few people who live in that area a good chunk of their life who have witnessed UFO activity in the area years ago.These were not my first sightings in the area 2 times before to be exact witch leads me to my next words. 2 people told me they saw a UFO years earlier in the area.I look at the stars since the dish got cut off about a month ago I would not have saw any of it if i had not talked to my grandmother that day .At first it when the orbs arrived I could not be drag in the house all I wanted to do was get that awesome footage and watch it over every night.But each night was a little different but on the 4th day I was doing a lot of thinking and was also filled with excitement fear I just wasn't thinking strait.I would sometimes turn on the porch light before I would go outside or to let dogs in and out so eventually what ever was flying those aircraft had to see me turning on the porch light the UFO,s returned every night for something they would hover for hours some nights so when they stopped in the sky right in front of the house and they got a little closer as they were circling and dropping altitude slowly closer towards the ground.They knew I was there I just didn't really think about it until the orbs chilled in the air for a couple hours and it was still 4/20 about 10 o clock to top it all of I was by my myself no running vehicle and I finally realized if they/it whatever could build aircraft such as the ones they/it/him/her what ever posses they probably have technology or something that lets them know ! I'm ther e. I ignored my worst fears and the hurt in my head to see if the other 1or 2 UFO,s were doing their thing about a mile or so away the fear is the 2 orbs froze in the sky circling away.I tried to take more pictures worthless attempts the camera sucks so it was another fail.So I sat on the porch looking at the sky above a airplane was passing and a really bright light caught my eye from strait above it was the second UFO from the mountain it's lights shined bright white ember and red for about 5 seconds then quickly cut of its lights. After that my brain couldn't let me watch any more i had seen to much it could have been right above me the entire time it had demonstrated it's superior capabilities. I couldn't take it I came close to calling the 5-0 to do what.But at 12:32 4/21 I heard the jet and I couldn't help to think what if those where aliens that would mean that this planet could be taken if so pleased seeing demonstrations 1 after another. now for but I know the Crafts could have returned again last night i could not tell you yes or no because i was typing this. I can take a chance and look like a fool or do NOTHING. 4/25/09 pss i wrote this on the 4/24 and 25th and i returned to my house at about 8 or 9 on the night of the 25th and the UFOs did return again about it seen much more UFO activity last night more than what is normally out actually.Not sure all how many or if any other people in the area know about the UFO activity in the area . But I checked online to see if any UFO had been reported in the area but nothing has ever been reported in that area till now.But i heard some people on a plane over North Carolina seen UFO in Feb i really wouldn't doubt it or just t don't care.4/27/09 Saw 3 UFO's within 1 hour. I only watched for a hour or so then retired for the night. 4/28/09 OK this time i saw 3 UFO's circling near an airplane was pretty close to the 3 orbs glowing a ember or copper color . I honestly would not be surprised if people or pilots do not report seeing them.Also 3 extra! UFO's i n where in the sky last night. and I also seen the shape of UFO that was a triangle it had 6 lights that shined a bright white and I now think it was one like the triangle UFO that landed or just hovered over neighbors yard but to be honest I don't really know the shape of the craft that hovered over the neighbors yard but because I took 6 pictures on the 16th and looked at them on my computer the 17th no good except for I could see something in 1 picture that was above the ground that looked like a silver line but thought nothing of it and deleted it because I thought it was just camera error and another pic with bubble light if that makes since looked like bubbles that were lite up from the inside out all over the picture and i didn't even mean to take a picture I turned around to go on the porch after many failed pictures and it just took a pic but now it would make since because I thought that was 1 of the 2 with the red and white lights I just couldn't say because I only seen the lights on them but now I'm 50% sure that the 2 with the red and white lights were triangle while the other 2 were orb shaped but only from a distance I am still not sure of their true shape yet but i will try to find out.I've also seen more UFO's but these that i have written about have always came back and hang around in the area for hours or a few minutes at a time. sometimes they leave and return the same night but there are also many others but are just passing through the area i do know is that there is a air base or something around 4/29/09 also sorry for not sending this sooner but this is one of the biggest decision of my life and i fear you guys will come to check it out and the UFO's will have left the area and I will look like A dumb ass.Just contact me by email if you have any questions.1 Last thing i have not really left any specific time records for sightings well I also didn't keep count but if i did it be about 30 just since April 16/09 and i would be happy to take a lie detector test if needed you can! imagine that i am very confused with what I am seeing and for a while after i seen my first real UFO right by house about 200ft in the air and the craft was at least 60ft to 70ft I was beyond petrified and terrorfied my mom was in the next room so I holler to show her and it was moving at about 30mph we got out on the porch and it was going right over the tree line at a near by mountain with only 1 dim white light on and i started turning the flash light on and off and it brighten it's light and froze in mid air over the mountain for a couple of seconds then faded from sight as it hovered the mountain I thought i was hallucinating basically I thought i was going insane my mom saw it to or she says she did.The 2nd time I was at the end of the driveway using the cell phone and this time I was alone but I was talking to somebody who I couldn't exactly tell there is a UFO and the front is visible and the rest is like not there.The guy would have laughed hung up and had me in a padded room within the hour plus I didn't tell anyone mainly because nobody could believe this anyway. So I thought to my self ? there was a front and it was black I thought it was some birds flying in like a formation but first of all it was to even if birds are flying that close together there is gonna be some birds getting ahead even 1ft movement in fly formation it would look squiggly and no wings flapping and no space between the wings of the birds that's when I started thinking great another UFO maybe I'm not crazy.It was also like 6oclock day time sunny not dark at all.It was only about 100yards in the air and it was moving to slow to some birds flying and I couldn't think of anything else that even looks like that did and still cant.I can only say the front was shaped like an ark it was black and if this was a UFO it was about 120ft wide at least and the rest wasn't even visible I'M not sure why all of this shit is all within 3mile radios of the house.At first i thought they had their own private base somewhere in the mountains that ! was my o wn little crap theory so I remembered the direction the 1st UFO was headed then the 2nd then i figured out if there was a base I got the general direction it might be in but here is the interesting part there is a water fall in the direction I figured the base would be not a base but a person i know and his friend saw a UFO up at the water fall years ago.Another person i know said he saw one out the house window. saw diamond shaped UFO same kind I had seen at my old house but in a different place 2 times and to top it all of A jet was chasing a UFO right above my head at about 20 to 35 thousand ft. I was gonna send a email to Ktox to show UFO hunters in April but to much pressure and I was moving so instead I just let it eat at my soul if i ever had one. I will fill out a crap report that people will laugh at anyway but if my best friend told me this shit I would have called the nut hut. I also found out that during the days of my April 16th/25th UFO sighting people all over the planet were witnessing the strange crafts I even watched a video of 2 orbs in a different place i didn't really expect that A month later but its crazy. also many left out details and UFO sightings.also temperarly disabled the DVD player with fuzzy black and white picture kinda twisted blackness on 4/20 weak also had 2 pretty weird dreams during those nights maybe caused by stress and fear.Also i forgot to mention April/16/09 I called my friend then called my grandma that lives in Delaware for the first time in 2 years i call her and talk till cell phone goes dead then charge up and go back to the end of the drive way to get cell phone reception.Anyway I didn't tell here about my second UFO sighting just my first and she told me her and her daughter saw 2 orb shaped UFO's that were as she describes circling each other kinda like they were just playing with each other so I was starting to feel not as insane after she told me that but she didn't know how twisted my mind was from the my 2nd sighting and we started discussing how we think the world is failing I said [to be completely honest i don't think the world is gonna make it to long at the rate its going and humanity will eventually kill itself with the pride in the nations starting pride wars they wont just unit as people and just get it over with and start the road to mega science and eventually humans leave earth to go explore the universe] And she was saying now days it's scary to even consider having a kid in the world today and I was standing by the mail box and it was starting to get dark but I was just looking up in the sky and i saw i just waited about 5 seconds to think see holy shit mum mum there are 2 orbs just circling each other just like mum mum said like 10 minutes earlier my mind was bent way to far then so i ran in the house got my mom and they were gone I knew then I had lost my fuckin mind i told mum mum they were gone and nobody seen them once again then I told her about my second siting and how crazy I am because i COULD HAVE SWORN i JUST SAW THEM 2 UFOs i said then she says your not crazy and if they just poped up from the sky they will be back I started telling her no they won't because I'm just crazy but i waited a couple minutes and told her that's the biggest coincidence of my life but still not sure of reality untill the orbs show up again I got my moms and her boyfriend to check it out and sure enough they ! were rea l I wasn't crazy my mind untied for the moment just untill the 2 bigger UFOs were chillin over a mountain till later then me and my mom was trying to take the pictures of them in the sky then 1 of the UFOs flew over a mountain it was amazing to even be able to watch it just move at all to even see the damn thing then lights were flashing near the ground I knew if i didn't say anything just give it 10 seconds max and my mom said do yo see that light on the ground she say what the hell is that I was still focused on the other UFO in the sky mainly the lights because they were flashing the same colors and it wasn't the neighbors TV on in the camper.Looking at it threw the binoculars was making my heart speed and hands shake and could see the light on very clear as they flashed different colors purple red blue green i don't remember all the colors but at some point a truck went by maybe 100 to 125ft from the object from the road it lasted about 30 minutes and only got weirder as the lights in the sky were synchronized flashing of colors with those just of the craft that just hovered over the ground a quarter mile away then gone like nothing but it was back over a mountain after that mom wouldn't even go to check out the UFOs with me any other night except 1 more time to see a triangle UFO crawl across the sky and when it went over the mountain she was back in the house she missed the best part after a couple minutes passed the bright white light on the craft looked awesome as it went to fast for my guesses i just know it picked up and haled ass out of that valley and her boyfriend just wants nothing to do with any of that but now he is all about some gay brown mountain lights or something i told him this is maybe once in a lifetime thing you might never see anything this amazing ever again he didn't even respond.these events took place on April/16-17/2009 believe it or not this shit happened and still is happening all over the world is my guess it doesn't just happen near my house and my neighbors front yard! ...1 mor e thing I had a dream and all I really remember is seeing the alien face as i lay on a table or something and it was over me then i woke up and my right eye was twitching really bad I don't think it was an abduction more like fear and stress and some other issues coming out but the other dream well may have been a abduction because I've never felt like i'm awake with my eyes closed but couldn't move I felt paralyzed I knew I wanted my eyes open but I just lay there and I don't know how long but when i finally came to i knew that has never happened and i felt like I was floating and then i felt the couch i was sleeping on touching me and time could not even be measured in the stat i was in I felt violated with life and still do i haven't called any of my friends or spoke to my granny since 4/17/09 and every minute of every day most all day till i go to sleep than wake up with it on my mind it never goes away and not showing my friends was a mistake but what if they got abducted then how would i feel because when i would see UFOs I would give em the finger I used to say if i ever see A UFO I'm gonna shoot at it.THESE ARE THE MOST OUTRAGES CLAIMS YOU HAVE PROBABLY HEARD well i don't care because every word of it is true.

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