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Windhoek (Namibia)

Sighted on Friday 22. May 2009
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 20 min

This was a flame coloured moving object in the night sky.As a bar owner, i go and stand outside in the parking area for fresh air during the course of a normal evening. The skies above Namibia are extremly clear this time of year. I looked into the night sky and saw an object as bright as a fireball, with a red light above it, but looked as if they were connected. The object travelled from east to west and proceeded to hover above us for some time. I made a note of the time i first saw it until it dissappeared. Although it looked like a fireball, it was only in colour. There was no flame type movement. Observing the object and using a star as referance, the object circled in the night sky, and the move upwards until it faded away. I called the local airport and there was no recoreded aircraft activity at that hour of the night. I called everybody from the bar to witness the object. toatl of about 18 people. There have been numerous sightings in recent weeks in Namibia. As a sceptic, i am now convinced about the exitence of UFO's.

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