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Bangalore (India)

Sighted on Wednesday 28. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 2 minutes

Huge Black Triangle seen over BangaloreI am not very sure weather it was 28th or 29th of Jan 2009 but sure about the timing. My house is in suburb of Bangalore and area is not densely populated. Around 8.15 pm myself and my brother-in-law who had come to my home went out get some ice creams. We were walking back to my house and we are looking at the clear sky and discussing about stars. We saw a slow moving black object appeared on top of us moving in North-East direction. For a second we were shocked we ran to my house which was about 20 feet away and I called my wife out, three of us went to terrace and saw triangle move away slowly, after about a minute and half it disappeared from our view.Since the triangle passed right above us were able to make out that it was a triangle, it was completely noiseless, moving as if its cruising. It was moving at very low altitude i would guess not more than 70-80 meters from the ground. It had one red light in the centre of the triangle. It was huge probably size of a football stadium. I am a guy who follow aircraft and aviation industry very closely and none of the know aircrafts come any where close to the triangle in terms of shape, size or cruising.We did not discuss this with any one else as UFO phenomenon is not so common in India nor there is any established reporting centre yet in India. I was debating weather to report or not. Finally I decided report incident.((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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