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Stavanger (Norway)

Sighted on Sunday 19. April 2009
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Shape: Other | Duration: approx 30 sec

Daylight observation in Stavanger, NorwayThe following took place in the city of Stavanger, located on the southwestern tip of Norway. Time: April 19th 2009, at 12 o’clock, noon. The weather was warm with no cloud and no wind at all. I was at a friends house in the outskirts of the town, drinking coffee. From my spot on the sofa in her living room, looking out of the windows at the clear blue sky I noted that the contrails left by high flying aircraft didn’t move and were left hanging there, crisscrossing the sky and slowly spreading. I figured that the contrails would eventually turn this sunny day to an overcast one as they seemed to bloat over time in the perfectly still air and did not go away.This was the reason that I had my attention at the sky in the first place.At this point I noticed a bright light moving fast towards us from the left. It looked just like the landing lights on an aircraft but without the aircraft. This soon separated into two light sources spaced close together and I could just make out that they were connected to a solid object. At this point I called out to my friend: What is that? What the heck is that?! And I got to my feet.We both ran over to the windows to have a better look. At this point the object was rather close and it soon scooted in front of the windows and disappeared over the roof, out of sight and obviously moving so fast as there was no point in running through the house to have a final glimpse of it disappearing on the other side of the building.We were both very shaky after this and we started right away to try to find a rational explanation. As of yet we are at a loss. The object looked like nothing I have seen before. It didn’t have wings or a tail (no control surfaces whatsoever). The closest thing I can compare it with is it had the general shape of a hat with a very tiny brim on it. The two lights were on the upper half of it (or at the very top) and they shone with a bright white light (just as normal landing lights would). The colour of the object itself was dirty gray or black. I could not detect any further details as it was moving so fast. I noticed that the sun reflected off the top of it. I estimate the size to be about 8-10 feet at its base and about 6-8 feet tall.It moved very steadily in a perfectly straight line with no wobble at all, in fact, it was almost as if it were moving on a pair of (invisible) rails. I estimate the speed at around that of the sound or slightly below (much like when fighter aircraft fly past the crowds in air shows, just under the speed of sound). There was no sound whatsoever (not even a swoosh), and the windows were open because it was a hot day. Also I noticed that the leafs on a big tree in the garden did not move as the object streaked just a few feet above it. The windows should have rattled when an object of that size moved so close at such a speed and this fact puzzles me more than anything about this experience.My friend saw it pass overhead, which I didn’t because of the angle in which it moved in relation to the windows and she said that it had a purple ‘hazy’ colour on its ‘back side’.I read the local newspaper thoroughly the next day but there was no mention of it. The course of the object was NE which would lead away from any built up areas.This is the only experience of this kind any of us have had.((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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