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Cotulla, TX

Sighted on Thursday 26. February 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 1/2 min.

Bright yellowish lights in a triangle to diamond shape in the west skies over Cotulla Texas!There were four lights in the sky, in the west mid section of the sky. The lights appeared one after another and formed a triangle shape then the fourth into a diamond shape and moved upward very fast and then formed into a straight line and separated in different directions. The lights were yellowish orange like in color and very bright. All this took place in about one and a half minutes. Shortly after there were what appeared to be two jets at a very high altitude following the lights. The reason I thought they were jets is because there were blinking lights and the color of the lights were white. This is not the first time and we are not the only ones who have seen the lights. Other people have told me the same story at work when they saw the light. Every time we see this it’s almost the same thing in event that happens.

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La Pryor, TX 2010-10-05 Fireball 15 secs
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La Pryor/ Uvalde, Texas (United States) 2009-09-22 Square, Rectagular, Other 00:00:20
Tilden, Texas (United States) 2009-07-26 Circle 00:00:30
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Natalia, TX 2003-12-03 Sphere 1 hr and 30 min.
Natalia, TX 2003-03-06 Light +30 minutes
Natalia, TX 2002-12-27 Other 10 minutes
Poteet, Texas (United States) 2001-06-10 Sphere 00:15:06
Dilley (south of san antonio), TX 2000-11-18 Disk about 7 miniutes
Freer, TX 2000-06-11 Circle 4-5 minutes
Freer (near), TX 2000-06-11 Disk UNK
D'Hanis, TX 1999-12-29 Unknown 20 minutes
Pleasanton, TX 1999-12-25 Cigar 2 min
Batesville, TX 1999-09-01
Pleasanton, TX 1997-10-03 Unknown 7 minutes
Encinal (northeast of), TX 1993-11-15 Rectangle 1 hour
Carrizo Springs, Texas (United States) 1990-11-17 Disc Undisclosed
Tilden, Texas (United States) 1984-01-31 Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Tilden, TX 1983-02-28 Fireball 5 mintues
Devine, Texas (United States) 1976-03-17 Disc 00:30:00
Caliham, TX 1965-06-06 Light 5 min
Cotullia (near), TX 1964-11-01 Sphere 7 minutes
Cotullia (near), TX 1964-11-01 Sphere 7 minutes