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Undisclosed, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 29. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

My wife was driving home from shopping when she first noticed the object along with two bicyclists stopped at a red light and called me at home to determine if I could see it as well. I walked outside and couldn't see anything in the direction she indicated due to tree cover so I hopped in my car to drive to a location with a better view of the Northwest sky.She described it as a round bright shape in the sky that was growing smaller as she watched it. I asked her to take a photo with her phone but she was unable to zoom in far enough to capture it with her older cell phone.When I arrived at an open area about 5 minutes later I could see the object in the NW sky about 15 degrees above the horizon. To the North of the object was a smoke/cloud trail that seemed very out of place as it was clear skies in our area tonight.The object did not seem to be moving at all or at the most very little. Curious as to what this object was I decided to drive further West to see if I could get a better view of it. In hind sight, I should have stayed in the same location and watched the object further. By the time I arrived at the next location, about 5 miles away, the object was gone but the smoke/cloud trail remained.This is the second sighting for me with the first occurring 17 years ago with multiple objects in the sky also in Northern Minnesota.

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