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Larnaca, Larnaca (Cyprus)

Sighted on Sunday 19. August 2012
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:00:10

We were on holiday in cyprus and my wife was looking out the window one night at around 11.15pm and she saw a bright flashing light i also noticed it at the corner of my eye though i didnt not see it directly as my wife did, she was so happy that she saw her first shooting star as she was explaining to me at the time and then her face changed after a few seconds she said "and whats that thing " when i looked up i saw a triangle shape glidding over our appartment flat heading towards the direction of the uk armay base, it was around 100 ft in size and around 200 ft hight, it was a triangle shape with round lights all along the bottom of it but the lights were not on then it it quikly went out of view , but that thing was real and was a solid object with no noise whats so ever, to me it seems to be a stealth army top secrete plane type, that may have had a problem and was heading back to the army base hence no lights but it was so low that you could see the shape of the lights all along both sides of the triangle lines.

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