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Evansville, Indiana (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 16. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

At about 8:25pm, the sky was very clear and there was not a cloud in the sky. My daughter and I were walking to the east, saw an unrecognizable shape in the sky. It was extremely low to the ground, lower than a plane would fly. There were 3 bright, non-flashing lights that seemed to form an isosceles triangle shape. There was one white light in front and a red flashing light between 2 white lights in back. The distance between the front light and the rear lights was twice as long as the distance between the two rear white lights. It moved to the northwest. On our way back, I got my husband to come outside to see it too. None of us could figure out what it was. It was definitely too slow for plane, but seemed way too fast and too maneuverable to be a blimp. It was very low to ground and moved slowly. At times it slowed down even more, and the times it was at its lowest elevations, it seemed to completely stop like it was hovering. We did not see it change directions, but it could turn on a dime. It reminded us of the way a fish moves in water, gracefully and could turn suddenly. Then as it turned it made its way back toward the west, then southwest. We followed it, since it was going the same direction we were going anyway. If we drew its path out, it seems to have made a very large figure eight, very slowly across the sky. It was very large in the sky. The entire time, it was completely silent. There were multiple planes, helicopters, and/or jets in air at the same time and continued to be in the sky for a long time afterwards, all staying in our area. All were very high up to where we couldn't hear them either. The event was made even more peculiar by this. We have seen planes and helicopters in the sky here before, but we can usually hear them and they just come and go. But these came and just stayed in the area like they were sweeping or patrolling the area, like something really was going on and others knew about it too. Visibility was clear as we live near some highways and some fields, but at times we had to speed up as visibility was blocked by some 2 story buildings...once we were behind the buildings, we could see it again clearly. We cannot get over how low to the ground it was, how slow it moved, or how quickly it could turn. It was truly an amazing sight and we would love to know what we saw. We are in disbelief and are looking for a logical answer. Attempted to record but by the time we thought to get the camera, it was further away and the quality was too poor to see much. Anyone know of anything in the area at this time?

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