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Rudyard, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Friday 21. September 2012
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Shape: Other | Duration: Undisclosed

I am writing to let you know about 2 recent citings of UFO's at least I cannot identify them. The first citing was on September 21 2012 I was outside on the side of my house standing on my stept with my nephew when I saw one bright orangeish object appear from behind my roof (roof was blocking my view), then 2 and another and another. I thought we were being invaded. I ran to get my camera so I could get some pictures and also to tell my wife what was going on outside. I grabbed the camera and went out back and counted a total of 6 objects. When I went to take a picture my camera would just shut down over and over again. I was not able to get a single picture. Me my wife and my nephew observed these objects for several minutes. I tried to get my binocculars to see if I could make out what these were. The light emitted from these object was bright and steady and the color was like that of the tip of a cigarette as someone is taking a drag. Because of the lights I could not distinguish the the shape of these objects. They looked like they were all seperate objects and that they were flying in a sort of formation. It was a clear night and they flew from east to west. They were going fairly slow, I thought maybe they are helicopters but they didn't make a sound as they slowly flew by. I would guess they were maybe a mile or so high and maybe half a mile out from us. After they passes I noticed a much dimmer white light I'm guessing comming from the back end of each object. As they were several miles away 5 of them split up and went up and out of sight the last one continued west. My son-in-law lives next door he saw the last one and was pretty freaked about it. The second incident happened the other night 10-27-2012. I was sitting in a chair in my room watching tv around 1:30 am. I looked over at the window and saw a amber or orangish light/cigarette tip light, I initially thought it was the record light on my direct tv box reflecting off the glass. I got up and walked over to the window and opened the shades wider and saw a UFO sitting below an opening in the clouds it was just sitting there. I quickly grabbed the the dvd recorded and headed toward the sliding glass door out back. I turned on the camera and tried as best I could to zoom in on the object, I still could not make out the shape because of the light. I hit the record button and my camera shut off. I watched the craft sit there motion less and no sound comming from it. It was an awesome sight because there was a full moon illuminating the cloud cover and this thing is just sitting there below an opening in the clouds. Just then I noticed another object comming from the east and when it got within about 3 miles of the other object the object sitting just below the opening in the clouds went right up and through the opening in the clouds, it was really an amazing sight. The second object appeared to came across the sky and went up the same opening in the clouds as the first object. These UFO's looked exactly like the ones I saw in September. Although the second object on 10-27-12 was going about twice the speed as the objects were going in September. The first incident lasted 10 possibly 15 minutes total and the second incident lasted between 5 to 7 minutes maybe as long as 10 not real sure because I stayed outside for a while hoping to get another glimps as my dvd recorder worked fine after the last object was gone unbelievable!!! I believe these were true UFO's because on the first observance 5 of the objects appeared to be going back up and out toward space and we watched till they completely dissappeared. I don't usually spend a lot of time looking toward the sky out back however after Saturday night I'm now not sure how many times these objects have been out there and I have just not noticed them? I was up half the night last night hoping to get them on camera. I live in a very rural area in the U.P. of Mi not far from Canada. These are not the first objects I've observed up here as we have no city lighting and we see many things out in space that make you wonder when they change directions. But these objects were really close and a bit frightning. If you need more details feel free to contact me!

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