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Undisclosed, Georgia (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 08. November 2012
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

I live on the Ohoopee river in Georgia USA . I was pulling up to my driveway at 8:50 PM and my lights were shining across a small lake beside my house then all of a sudden these reddish orange orbs cut on in the sky above the lake and made several patterns in the sky at amazing speeds . I started honking the horn to get my family to come out and see this and pulled up to the edge of the lake . The orb thing shot down to just above the tree tops right over the Ohoopee river in a split second . I blinked my headlights at it and it instantly appeared back up in the sky and blinked off and on several times at me . And when I say blinked it was like it vanished then would reappear in a different spot in the sky . This was not a airplane or anything manmade . What this thing did was impossible for any aircraft to do . I have seen this thing before and had installed sky cams to film it . I rushed back to my house to check the cameras and remembered I had not switched to the night setting yet so I ran in and switched the camera facing this event to my night setting and told my family what was going on and drove back to the edge of the lake about 100 yards from my house and blinked the light and the orbs appeared again and made patterns across the sky . I took my cell phone out and used my camera flash to try and signal them and they flashed back . I have a few shots of them on my cell phone camera and my sky cam caught some of the event . I'm still sitting here in shock!!!!

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