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Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

Sighted on Thursday 15. November 2012
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

Me and my two toddlers arrived home in Charleswood, parking our car behind the house. I gathered the boys, and walked to the gate. I looked up at the sky westwards, to determine if it was cloudy or not, when I observed a satellite in between a break in the clouds, (Ripple-style cloud formation, or waves?). Then I saw another satellite beside it on the right, except it was lagging a little behind. That caught my attention as satellites do not travel in pairs. Suddenly, a third and then a fourth satellite were also observed through the cloud breaks. The third one on the left "slowed" and stayed in one spot for about 10-15 seconds then proceeded to fly west-wards. One of the satellites changed course at one point, very slightly, but all were observed flying from the east to west. I proceeded into the house, got my boys to watch cartoons with a bag of chips while I grabbed my phone and ran back outside. My friend who lives out in Transcona, was able to verify what I was seeing. I returned into the house to check on my sons, went back outside, and saw at least one more satellite, this one, I'm not sure was really one of ours or not, but it had been also travelled from the east to west and there was no longer cloud cover. The duration of this whole event happened after 6pm and may have lasted about 15-20 minutes in total.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-04-10 Star-like 00:01:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-04-04 Unknown 00:03:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-02-26 Disc 00:13:20
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Morden, Manitoba (Canada) 2017-11-24 Sphere 00:15:00
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Sanford, Manitoba (Canada) 2017-07-09 Teardrop 00:20:00
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Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2017-01-23 Unknown
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Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-11-30 Unknown
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-11-30 Unknown
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-10-02 Sphere 00:02:00
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2016-10-02 Light 1-2 minutes
Teulon, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-09-28 Sphere 00:05:00
Selkirk, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-09-16 Circle 00:00:08
Selkirk (north of)(Canada), MB 2016-09-10 Light 4-5 minutes
Gimli (Canada), MB 2016-07-24 Light 3 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-07-21 Star-like 00:01:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-07-10 Sphere
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Lorette (Canada), MB 2016-06-25 Sphere 2 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2016-06-09 Circle ~1 minute
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-05-11 Sphere 00:02:00
Sandy Hook, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-05-06 Unknown Undisclosed
Gimli (Canada), MB 2016-05-01 Chevron 0:49
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2016-03-02 Circle 20 seconds
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-02-11 Triangle 00:02:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-01-03 Cylinder Undisclosed
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2015-12-12 Circle 4 minutes
St. Fracois Xavier (Canada), MB 2015-11-28 Light 3 minutes
Portage La Prairie (N. of)(Canada), MB 2015-11-08 Fireball 2:00 minutes
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Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-04-14 Cigar Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-04-11 Triangle 00:02:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-03-10 Egg Undisclosed
Winnipeg (near)(Canada), MB 2015-02-19 Circle Ongoing
Winnipeg (near) (Canada), MB 2015-02-19 Circle ongoing
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-02-18 Sphere 00:10:00
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2015-01-31 Circle ~30 seconds
Emerson, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-01-10 Other Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-12-21 Oval Undisclosed
Gardenton (Canada), MB 2014-12-17 Oval 45 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-10-30 Sphere 00:01:18
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-10-20 Circle Undisclosed
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Gimli, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-09-05 Circle 01:00:00
West Saint Paul, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-09-01 Other Undisclosed
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Birds hill, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-08-01 N, A Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-07-20 Triangle Undisclosed
Cooks Creek (Canada), MB 2014-07-01 30 minutes
Cooks Creek (Canada), MB 2014-07-01 30 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2014-06-17 Light 5-10 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2014-06-17 Light 5-10 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-06-10 Robotic Several minutes
Winnipeg, Ontario (Canada) 2014-06-04 Sphere 05:59:10
Portage la Prairie (Canada), MB 2014-05-24 Unknown 10 seconds
Portage la Prairie (Canada), MB 2014-05-24 Unknown 10 seconds
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2014-05-14 Fireball 33-35 seconds
St. Norbert (Canada), MB 2014-02-15 Light 5 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2013-12-17 Oval 10 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2013-12-01 Other <5 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2013-10-08 Fireball, Oval, Other 00:02:00
Stony Mountain, Manitoba (Canada) 2013-09-21 Circle 00:00:45
Winnipeg, MB 2013-09-21 Fireball half an hour
Winnipeg (Canada) 2013-09-13 Circle 2 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2013-09-05 Sphere 2 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2013-09-03 Unknown Undisclosed