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Barranquilla, Atlantico (Colombia)

Sighted on Thursday 15. November 2012
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Shape: Circle, Egg, Oval | Duration: Undisclosed

i was in a 3rd floor filming the horizon from a beach house that lasted 2:30you can observe a bright light orb suspended over the ocean, after going down to the 2nd floor to do another horizon sweep no object is captured in the same point were you can observe one on the 3rd floor nor a close object around in a radios of 2-3 km discarding any other plane or boat and then i n the same film after going to the first floor and do the same take of the horizon a object can be seen coming from the oceans horizon getting bigger at great speed . i did not notice the object until i checked the film when i was a t home the take of the ocean is the same but at different floors of the housethe object can be seen in the first second of the video in the up;per left part and on the 2:20 mark in the middle of the screen between the oceans and the sky's horizonthe guards of the house complex have also seen this orb suspended over the ocean ejecting a electric blue light to the ocean at night this was filmed in a very remote area

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