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Guadlupe State Park , Texas (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Flash, Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

So how do I start the craziest story I've ever told? Well here it is, me and my girl were Leaving Carlsbad caverns and headed back to Texas at around midnight possiblyy in appr of 09'. I started to doze off at the wheel and told her I was going tool pull over as soon as we. Pass all these construction barrels that were blocking the shoulder of the pitch black highway. About 30 minutes of nothing but bright orange traffic barrels there is finally an opening and we pull in, about 30 feet of the road. I turn my head to retract the back seats in the Cherokee as she softly shrieked and said in a gohstly voice" what the (****) cms 09/15/11 18:47 cst flg is that" I turned from my Attention in the back seat to the vast black non visable dessert in front of the car and eventually saw an orange glowing swinging light, like the one you would see hanging from a chain on a country house front porch . As I stared at this light I noticed it was not a light it was three or s floating in unison. I also noticed that we were parked in front of a mountain. It was only a silloette but the sky above it was amazing, neither of us could get over how big the stars were and this one in particular , bright blue and almost perched atop the siloette peak in the sky. The orange orbs started moving higher than the sway it started As. The orange orb shot to the top of the mountain peak in a millisecond then slowly descended down the mountain when I bright spotlight shot out of the orbs and started scanning the mountain as if it was looking for something, slowly scanning back and forth.as my professional photographer girlfriend broke out her photo equipment and braces her canon 40 d on the dash an begins shooting this phenomenon for hours . We had goose bumps and she. Was. Crying. Telling me to get. Us outta here. I agreed but was. Too amazed to move. Suddenly the big blue star thing fell out of the sky and morphed into the orange orbs and exploded into colors, all colors that in turn started flying independently and playing with the other colors. All these different colored .....things flying around the biggest sky I have ever seen, just started to play with each other and they seemed to be communicating . We stayed and watched this event until the sun came up and disappear . As we checked the camera it looked like fireworks, unit she zoomed in on one of the blurry shots, she screamed and dropped the camera. It was a rainbow spectrum entity. I do have the photo but from the ridicule from her friends she erased her memory card but I still have a couple photos. As we left the place we saw signs that said Guadalupe mnts state park. When I got home I researched the site we were parked in and it said that we were parked in the crash site of the area 51 spaceship, the photo I have is a rainbow color spectrum light beam that has a face and Body of an entity

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