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Sunderland, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Saturday 04. April 2009
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Shape: Fireball, Oval, Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

This happened last year i was sitting in the garden to have a cig, i see the odd shooting star satalite and lots of planes and helicopters. But i have also saw on 5 occations from then till now a weird white (a little bit to bright) light normal size for a regular plane but without the wing or tail lights. Always flying from the SW to NE direction with no sound. There are biplanes here as we have an airshow every year. So i these could explain the strange lights. But what i saw tonight has left me stunned. I was sitting listening to my ipod and heard a weird fizzing and poping noise, i 1st thought it was my ipod but realized i could heard it in my left ear without the earphone in. I also felt a throbing hum in my stomach before it replaced the fizzing popping. Which was coming from my right (SW). I looked up and to my right saw a glowing red/orange toadstool of molton lava, sprewing and dripping in all directions, the inside was dark and shaped like a cats eye (horizonal)but not black, but empty,is the only way i can discribe it. It seemed to moving like liquid and flew to the north, it looked about 5-6 hundred yards away doing 50mph ish. The seemed to be some sort of short thin cloud at a 45 degree angle 1 and ahalf its lengh, pointing to the ground. At this point nextdoors dog when crazy barking and yelping.It must have been about a minute of me watching its lazy flight it wobbled as it flew. All the time i felt and heard the hum. Something snapped me out of it and probably nextdoor shouting at the dog. i wondered if i had enough time to run in for my camera, the thing was slowly arching to the NW. I ran and got my camera and draged the wife out but it had got to far away for my camera to pic up, and my wife didnt get a good look. Sunderland, Silksworth 10/04/10 10ish before match of the day

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