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South Bend, Indiana (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 18. February 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Flash, Sphere, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I had a NDE back in 2005. I'm not sure how long I died but I was in atrial fibrilations at the hospital and I remember it being to much and I let go. What brought me back awake was some kind of immense tingling all over my head that shot all through my body. I was lying in this bed alone when this happened. I became very depressed, and fearful having panic attacks for a long time after this experience. I remember the feeling of being thrown back into such a heavy and sick body, and remember it being repulsive to me. I've never really shared this anyone. While at the hospital my jewelry was all taken off of me, and a treasured necklace of mine was lost. This was in April of 2005.2 years later, and over a 100 miles away, I was over at a friends house. Her son came up to me from out playing in the yard. In his hands was the necklace lost at the hospital 2 years prior. he asked me if I had dropped it and told me he found it out in the yard. At this time it scared me because of my NDE that happened when it came up missing, and I stopped talking to this friend because I felt so strange about this situation occuring. I had NEVER befor ehad a physical experience of phenomenon, other than my NDE, until I moved to my recent apartment in January 2009. All I am about to share concerning my previously reported UFO sighting happened within the same two months of time. January and February of 2009, although I am still experiencing things. These things I have not shared until now because of being fearful of what others would think. I'm not crazy and I have concidered after researching doing hypnotherapy somewhere.I was sick for several months with a reoccuring infection in my body. The doctors couldn't find the source and just kept treating me with antibiotics but the infection kept coming back. I was home one night and I live alone. I went into some kind of altered state, and I do not use drugs. I grabbed a wrench and ended up pulling out one of the two dental bridges I have in my mouth. The front tooth underneath this bridge was black, nacrotic, dead, and majorly infected. I located the source of my infection with no knowledge or suspition prior that this was the source. I was unordinarly calm during this whole experience, I remember feeling very strange.I began sensing a presence in my apartment. At times I would get smells of flowers, or something very rotten. My animals also reacted when I sensed this presence, the cats by going into the bath tubs and begining to scratch at the tub. A behavior I've never prior experienced them doing. And my dog would begin to cry. The hairs on my arms, and goosebumps would appear and what feels like some kind of alert altering of my nervous system.I became very sick and was throwing up all over the place. I was going to the doctors often, and have documented that I appeared in altered states, and also some phenomenon of my ears turning real red and hot. Several times while sick and vomiting, I began feeling what I can only discribe as balls of light or some kind of energy going into me. I could physically feel an impact with my body, and then radiating out from where I felt impact this TINGLING that I had with my NDE, started again and would spread out all over my body from the source of impact. The pain and vomiting would immediatley subside. Many times while driving to and from the doctors I was in a heightened like state and sensed for some odd reason non-human craft in the clouds. I would literally see them hiding in the clouds, and felt there presence.I then had my first physical experience in which I still have a scar on my body. It was evening and I was alone and my left ear started getting really hot. The it becamse uncomfortably hot. I felt an alter in consciousness, like something strange happened to your nervous system. I was unnormally calm dispite the fact my ear was now literally being burnt. I looked in the mirror to find one sopt on my upper left ear was bright red and spreading heat out and literally burning through my ear. I went to the fridge and grabbed some ice, which was just melting into water and began crying. I really didn't know what to do because I've never expereinced or even seen such a thing before and whos ever heard of someone walking into the hospital with something unknown burning through their ear. That when I heard a male voice say "Don't like that heat do you"... And not long after a female voice say " Hurry up and go home, T, T, T..." Now I'm freaking out, I grabbed a bowl of water to put my ear in and laid in my bed doing the only thing I knew to do, which was to pray for help. I then heard a male voice say "I would love to help her"... This was a different voice than the first, I heard what sounded like harp music and this phenomenon stopped. I still have the scar on my left ear from the burning. I've never told anyone of this.I was here alone again one evening when for the second time ever in my life, I heard male voices coming out of nowhere in my family room. It was if they were speaking together, and in some language I could not understand, it was not english. The next morning I packed my bags and got in the car and just started driving. I felt I didn't really care where I ended up so long as it wasn't in my apartment. While driving I drove into some kind of dense fog. I began to feel funny again, and began praying for the Lord to light my way. My entire car filled with light and everything around me for about 10 feet. In my stomach I had the feeling you get when you ride a rollar coaster, almost a feeling of being lifted. The next thing I knew I was still driving, but it was if everything around me had changed. I remember I kept asking myself, what happened to and where were all the people an animals. As I continued driving, I witnessed now in the clouds colors, changing cloud colors, it was beautiful I remember thinking. I was unusually calm during this entire experience. While driving still that night, I witness bright blue stars in the sky that seemed to float downwards out of the sky and turn into extremely lite up vehicles in the oncoming lane. At this point I wasn't surprised just unnormally calm. I don't remember how long I was gone or driving for, I started out in Indiana and ended up in Kansas where I went into a church and they called my mother who flew out and drove me home. I never have fully told anyone entirely what I experienced.It was shortly after this that I was driving in South Bend. I got this overwhelming feeling of love, compassion, and empathy not only for the earth but of people that swept over me. I felt funny again, and the hairs on my arms and goosebumps appeared. As I was driving and looking out something poped right in front of my face, which I can only discibe as some kind of energy vortex that took a circular prism shape, I was shaking and that TINGLING began all over and as I continued glancing out the window I noticed over the intersection of 23 and Ironwood Drive 2 hoovering bhuge balls of light probably 100 feet above traffic. I again was abnormally calm, during this whole episode. Shortly after this incident, I started seeing heiroglyphics hidden in things we naturally see everyday. I have saved by picture some writing I have begun doing in what I looked up to be Arrymaic and Bishnupriya Manupari. I don't know whats happening to me, and I can't explain everything but I have had experiences with laps in time and one other experience where I was driving and my car stalled out on the freeway, everything just stopped working. A police officer picked me up, but it all felt strange again. I was tranfered to another car as he got a call of another car going off the road in the same vacinity. I was taken by another officer to the gas station and back to my car. When I got in my car everything started up again just fine, but I had only been gone for about a 1/2 hour and it was 2 1/2 hours later when I glanced at my clock. The last experience I can remember of significance was I was going to get in my car , to go to the doctors as this is when I was throwing up all over. My car would not start and I just KNEW something was in my car with me. I did not speak this only thought it, when i immediatley heard a VOCAL clicking sound I have never heard before, that scared the crap out of me over my left shoulder right behind me. I sreamed "Please don't hurt me" and i felt something slam into my body and go into me from my back. As this happened I screamed, and that tingling sensation exploded from entry on my back all over my body, it took away the pain I was experiencing along with all the vomitting.I have while driving as of late still go in and out of weird states of feeling. One time I experienced all of our trees starting to die, and I felt incrediable sadness concerning the earth and our environment. The trees remained dormant in my vision for some time, until they just seemed to reappear one day when I thought I could live in a dying environment no more.I went even to a priest a few weeks back to try to talk but its easier to write this than speak it. But I did let him know that I kept smelling burning bodies, and seeing mass graves around. This appeared to me a week before Haiti was hit by an earthquake, burning and burying bodies in mass. I just cried when it came out. I thought was I was sensing was going to happen here.Like I said I can't explain any of this, just thats its happening. I would say all the same under lie detector or hypnotherapy. I believe I may be an experiencer and thats not something I want very many people to know, it frightens me at times, least I frighten anyone else.Thank you for listening , I'm glad I could finally get this out.

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