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Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Sighted on Saturday 16. May 2009
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Shape: Boomerang | Duration: Undisclosed

I live in an apartment right in front of the ocean in a summer resort city in Miramar, Buenos Aires province in Argentina.It was approximately 10.15 P.M. when I took my dog for an usuall walk around the block. I noticed that a strong orange light was over the ocean horizon just a few feets to the left of my sight. It was winter time and it was very cold, there aren't too many people in the city on that season, it was on the 16th of may 2009, actually autumn in here, we say winter since there is very little activity after the summer season is over. Suddenly I heard that a car was coming very slowly behind me on the street, and I feared I was going to be robbed, by that time I thought that the object was a ship with a strong light in it's cabin, When I turned to have a better view of the car, I saw inside of it a couple that was actually watching directly to the object, then I realized that that wasn't just a ship, and started to pay attention to the light wich started to move in zig zag towards us,and, when it reached the edge of the beach it made a fast fly, now towards my right sight side but very close to me, about half a block straight and another half block up. At that moment it was like blinking, and I could see some other colours like blue and red. I tried to see was was inside of that almost rectangular picture of about 20 by 30 feet, but it wasn't possible, I decided to turn on the corner and get even a better view, because I was right in front of the object, but I backed up a few steps, because I begun to fear, just a little, though I was fascinated with what I was watching. It wasn't until the(Now I can call it U.F.O.) leaned towards it's right and down, that the object lighted up very intensibly and I saw the boomerang shape of it, and inmediately after, lots of bright light sparkles came up shinning all through, it was beautiful, it was like the best firework I ever saw and very fastly went up again to the left side of my sight but a little further up, like one and a half block high. I then looked at the couple in the car and wanted to have their opinion about all this, since the object was still up there, but the man, who was the driver, looked at me with a terrified face and very slowly left. Since the unundentified object stayed up there right in front of the apartment building were I live, it took me a couple of minutes to decide to go back to it, wich I did, running with my dog to the side door, I stayed watching at the object, once in the lobby, but after 2 or 3 minutes it flew away at a very fast speed towards the sky and dissapeared.Ever since, I have talked about it with many people who believed me and others who didn't, but about 25 percent of them told me that they saw a very similar object, most of them a little further than I did. I have the feeling that this is going to happen again, I got retired, and have been studying about U.F.O's ever since, It's going to be one year since that happen and am constantly watching for if it happens again, I am prepared now, at that moment I didn't use my cell's camera I guess I couldn't think straight because of the emotion.Like I said, I live right in front of the ocean were many people saw objects, If I could be of any help, though I don't live in the States, I'd like to become an U.F.O. hunter, I am ready for any hipnosis, lie detector or whatever source or element could be used to prove that I am not lying.Sincerely*(Wit's name and phone numbers deleted--SGonzalez/CMS).The argentinian code precedes those numbers, I am not sure exactly wich one is, please find out for me wich one would be from there or contact me through my e mail, thank you

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