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Zapopan, Jalisco (Mexico)

Sighted on Thursday 09. April 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

I follow this year the moon and saturn from the back yard so one night i was watching the moon whit a telescope its a normal telescope i begin to watch at 9:15 pm in periods to 11:47 pm i think thats set im goin to sleep tomorrow i work the moon very shine and big that nite i heard some like a air scape from the pipeline showsss then in look over my head and and in see the three red lights at the first i thinking to my self hoo that stars are very shine and i say why i dont see before then i grab the tele but wen i see more i look the three lights are movin to the center of the city very slow in call to my soon heey cmon and lock at this sonny telme you see the same its a red lights in a triangle and he say yes i see the lghts focus whit the tele but o cant because its dificult to focus in movement so i see in the midlee of the lights a cover or something but that cover dont let you see in the midlee you can see the lights but not in the midlee you can a r���flex of the sky i think because i try hard to see in the midlee and i see some like a invisible cover or some then a mnts later disaper in a sec of time fuooff no more red lights and that month i see lights in the sky like a star but movin faster many that month. tnksAnd look at the sky.

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