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Vail, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 27. June 2009
Reported on
Shape: Cigar | Duration: 00:10:00

At around 7:15 pm MST my brother and I were traveling back to Denver from Las Vegas. We were driving east on I-70 and just got into the Vail area just between Avon and Vail. As I was looking around enjoying the beautiful views a shiny metallic looking object somewhat similar to a cigar caught my attention. At first I thought maybe I was seeing a planes reflection from the sunlight. I continued looking in that direction again just enjoying the view, but the object didn't move. I watched the object for several minutes just waiting to see some movement like a plane or helicopter but to my surprise it did no such thing. I then thought, "OK, maybe it's some sort of balloon. Still nothing. I was puzzled and mentioned it to my brother. I continued to watch but no movement. I then said to my brother, "You have to look at this. It's still there. What do you think it is?" I took the wheel (although dangerous of course) and steered the car so he could bend over to look out the front passenger window. I was telling him where to look saying "see! it's just south, maybe southeast between the moon and the mountain top." He then saw it and said, "Yep. It's there." I glanced at the road to regain bearing as we're driving then bent over and looked again. he said, "No kidding, it's just not moving and it looks like it's several miles away". He took the wheel back and I again just continued to watch the object as we continued traveling east on I-70. I then said, tell me what you see. I think it's looks kind metallic, and long with rounded ends. That doesn't look like a plane, helicopter or even a balloon as far as I can tell." I took the wheel again and my brother bent over and looked at object again. "Your right" my brother said. It doesn't seem to moving at all. It looks what you said, long and cylindrical or something. He took the wheel again and I continued to watch as we passed through Vail and were climbing the pass. I said, "It's just not moving, not up, not down, not sideways, nothing. Whats south of here that would be launching something like a weather balloon or something. My brother said "Nothing". I just can't think of anything that would be south of here in that area. Hell it seems like it about 15 to 20 miles away judging from the mountain tops, trees and the moon in the sky". I had agreed. I just could think of anything that might explain why something appeared to be floating and stationary for long. The moon was very lightly lit as it was still daylight. It was a crested moon. The object looked to be about half way between the moon and the top(s) of the mountains. You could see the outline of trees across the mountain tops, slender sticks if you will. My brother and I tried to asses how big it was. We both agreed that if it were right above the treeline that we could clearly see, it would probably cover 30 or so, as you could tell it was set back several miles away. My brother said, "damn, if we gave the base circumference of a tree around 30 feet, that's the branches and everything, I bet that thing would span the length of 30 trees or so. That's definitely bigger that a football field". I replied, no kidding. I bet would cover at least 30 trees if not more from end to end. I lost view as we climbed Vail pass. My brother and I are native to Colorado and have traveled I-70 both directions from Denver to Grand Junction and many other places quite a lot considering I'm 44 and my brother is 48. I have traveled many time by plane, quite frequent in fact do my some of my employment and I am pretty familiar with the flight paths. You do see a lot of air traffic in that general direction for lets say Seattle for instance or Portland, you get the idea. The flight paths are quite high, mostly around 35,000 feet direct flights. This object only seemed to be a few miles in the air, 15,000 to 20,000 feet if I had to guess, and again, several miles away. I think I've covered all the details. Thank you for your time.Sincerely,"R" [cms/tg/pid]

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