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Dubai, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Sighted on Saturday 18. April 2009
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Shape: Oval | Duration: Undisclosed

I���ve attached some photos taken from my balcony in Dubai, facing approx. east at approx. 5am on the 18th April 2009. I was photographing Venus, when my camera wouldn���t focus on Venus and kept focusing on something I couldn���t see in the view finder, but was showing up in the pictures [Green object]. Perhaps it���s lens flare, perhaps not?I���ve cropped the original photos FYI.Camera: Canon Rebel XTI [10 Meg]Zoom Lens: Sigma 70-300Using TripodI have high definition video footage also, although I can���t seem to see anything in the footage, although I didn���t have a 70-300 zoom lens on the HD cam.Some of the photos I forced a longer exposure, as you can see Venus moving [and more light], although the green object doesn���t appear to be moving?I took most of the photos by using a 2 second delay, so that there was no movement while pushing the button.Can you please have your experts analyze these photos and get back to me as to what you think they may be?Maybe they're lens flare?


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