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Christchurch, Canterbury (New Zealand)

Sighted on Monday 13. April 2009
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: Undisclosed

I was outside having a cigarette as I had also just let my cat out who was acting up (this is very strange for her to do that as she is a very mellow animal). I happened to notice what I took to be a very bright star at around 45 degrees to the western horizon. I did not think much of this at first until it moved, the light was displaying a flickering pattern with the naked eye that seemed to be greenish red. Now for one stars don���t move and yes they do flicker but not to this degree. I went inside and got my high power binoculars and tripod stand. Through these I was able to see what I first thought to be a star was in fact a flat cigar shaped object, flashing Blue, Green, White, and Red in that order. The object remained fixed in this position for 5 mins during which time I called my flat mate to see what she thought of the object through the binoculars. I then observed the object move off to the northwest gaining height it is at this point it just simply vanished. The whole observation time was exactly 15 mins.I know this is not a spectacular report but interesting none the less.I have ruled out what normal things it could be1. Star: stars do not move and do not display this light pattern or look cigar shaped.2. Fixed wing aircraft: Fixed wing aircraft do not hover and do not display this light pattern.3. Helicopter: These do not hover in one spot for 15 mins also the light pattern is wrong. On top of this it was a still clear night and no wind with an air temp of 8 degrees. (Christchurch is a very small city and at 12pm on a Monday night it becomes very still). There are also very few helicopters that operate out of the Christchurch airport and they have a very distinct sound that can you can hear for miles (the airport is less than 5 kilometres from where I live and to the north of the object.4. Balloons/Blimps: There are no Blimps here in New Zealand and hot air balloons are not allowed to fly at night over the city.Above all normal aircraft do not just simply vanish as this craft did. Other strange effects to add to this are some odd electrical effects shortly before I went out for a cigarette. The lights in the house flicked twice as well as the radio producing static. The power here can get a little odd at times due to all the substations in and around the city sending power to the North Island and we get power spikes on and off so I put it down to that at first but now I am not so sure.Sorry I do not have a photo of the object as I did not have my cam at home as it was at work.

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