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Valdosta, Georgia (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 29. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Flash, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

My husband and I were standing on the back patio star gazing as we do every nice night when a large flash caught my eye it was very bright, almost as a camera flash would be, and as I looked in that direction it flashed again and was traveling as fast as a free falling object would.I seen a total of 3 flashes before it fell behind the trees. There was no sound at all with this movement and I was unable to tell the distance.It was so weird to see that, so my husband and I moved out to the back yard and looked up for a plane to see if maybe by chance this was a flare drop, no plane was in sight. Next thing we see a "moving star" as we watch that, another "moving star" comes out of no where and is moving in the opposite direction and both are in view, however 2nd "moving star" disappears within approx.10 secs and the 1st "moving star" keep moving and slowly moved out of sight. We are both well aware of planes as we see a dozen a night. These "moving stars" are seen about 1-2 nights a week between the hours of 9:30pm up to 11:30pm and on average 2-3 a night all with 30 minutes of each other. Two nights ago we seen 4 total and a "flasher". One was moving very fast, faster than any jet we'd ever seen during the day. And one was very bright then just vanished as if the lights were turned off.

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Moultrie, GA 2014-06-19 Light 10 minutes
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