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Fallon, Nevada (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 07. May 2009
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: Undisclosed

i have lived near the top gun base in fallon all of my life so i have become used too seeing wierd lights in the sky but this was totally different from anything i've ever seen my girfriend and i were returning from the desert when we saw 3 strange aircraft flying together eradically in a triangle formation they stopped at once and one of the ufo's fell in a slow motion to the ground as if it had crashed the other to seperated and flew south west we followed them untill one of them was parrallel to the truck i was going 35mph and so was the craft i sped up to 50mph and so did the craft it shadowed me untill i drove to a dead end in an attempt to follow the other one when i reached the dead end the craft that had been parrallel to us flew over the top of us twice then sort of drifted back the way it came then hovered maybe 200-300 yards away my girlfriend plug in my 3 million candle power spotlight in to see if i could make contact with the seemingly translucent craft i cover the lense until i was sure to be aimed at the craft as i uncovered the light it was close enough that the light reflected off of it so we put the spotlight away the craft swooped in like an airplane would banking untill it was facing us with five super bright white-orange lights it stayed and hovered at less than 100 yards away for about ten minutes this is when we first heard the craft it was so quiet almost silent there was only a slight hum then it flew off and back going over us twice then hovering again it seemed as if it was playing with us which pretty much rules out the millitary in my opinion it hovered for maybe another ten min as the other circled behind us almost like back up to make sure we werent hostile then the first craft turned hard to the left makin the crafts light shift from five lights to 1 light then as it turned it became completely invisible only to reappear over highway 50 revealing many little yellow lights then shifted back to five lights in stayed parrallel with me on the highway untill i got closer to the lights of town when it pulled up behind me and hovered for maybe a minute as i got closer to town they flew back to where the dead end was my girlfriend and i were pretty shaken after seeing this and i had my dad and my brother go with me back to where we had originally seen the craft we saw one of them but much farther away this time at first we thought that this was just an airplane but more light became visible on it three in the front it stopped and hovered for about half an hour when we were out there we noticed a truck with a spotlight looking for something when we stopped to look for the aircraft the truck killed all his lights as we were leaving we saw a black SUV with tinted windows driving toward the trucks location we also saw a hellicopter spotlighting the ground (we think looking for the third craft)and people in nearby fields with spotlights

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Fernley, NV 2016-05-21 Disk 2 minutes
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Dayton, Nevada (United States) 2016-03-24 Disc Undisclosed
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((Unspecified)) 2015-11-13
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