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Laconia, New Hampshire (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang, Cone, Disc | Duration: Undisclosed

Sighting Background: The witness reported her sighting to MUFON via the CMS on 5/20/2008, nearly thirty years after her close encounter. Her mother had phoned a local radio station on the night of the encounter and a newspaper reporter from the Laconia Citizen had interviewed her and other witnesses at the time of the sighting. NH State Director Peter Geremia emailed me on 5/20/2008 and requested that I take the investigation assignment. I agreed and received a formal assignment from MUFON Headquarters on 5/21/2008. I phoned the witness on 5/23/2008 and scheduled an appointment to meet with her on 5/27/2008. I drove the 86.4 miles from my home to hers and conducted and tape recorded a cognitive interview, followed by a period of interrogation. Then I drove the witness along the 13 mile route from Ashland to her late parent���s former home in Meredith, NH, while I conducted another tape recorded interview with her. I also took six photos along the encounter route. In all, I spent four hours with the witness.Sighting Account: In the late fall or early winter (Oct.-Jan)of 1978-1982, (The witness wasn���t certain of the date.), L-----, approximately 30 years old at the time and a female friend, M-----, along with L-----���s son (approximately 4-5 years old), were traveling between Main Street, Ashland, NH and Chemung Road, Meredith Center, NH. They left Linda���s house at 6:00 PM for the twenty minute drive to her parents��� home where they intended to take part in a gospel singing gathering (her mother���s hobby). L----- was driving. They proceeded west to Exit 24 to I-93 south and planned to take the next exit, Exit 23 to Route 104 east to Meredith Center. Within a mile of their drive on 1-93 her friend���s eyes were drawn to a round light smaller than the size of the full moon, to the west in front of a mountain, possibly Hammond Hill. She pointed it out to L-----. The witness described it as flashing orange, yellow and bluish lights. She described it as dancing all over, possibly putting on a show for them. It rapidly ascended and descended vertically in front of and occasionally above the mountain. It moved in a zigzagging pattern and rapidly bounced forward and receded back several times. The larger craft hovered (now about the size of a silver dollar) and several (8 or more) smaller lighted objects ejected from it. Several cars pulled to the side of the road to observe the craft, but L----- continued to drive south on I-93. She stated that she had the impression that it was following her. Only five miles from L-----���s home she turned onto Exit 23 (Meredith-New Hampton-New Bristol) to take Route 104 east. She stated that a vehicle followed behind her on the ramp but quickly turned west toward Bristol. When L----- reached the top of the ramp, the huge, silent mushroom shaped craft, which she said was as large as a two lane highway, was inches above the road blocking her passage. On the domed top she observed multicolored lights. Below that was a single row of rectangular windows with oval edges. An intense blinding fluid silvery light shone from the interior. The lower part of the craft was cone shaped and three aluminum colored legs with a strange design on them were telescoping out from the bottom of the craft. She didn���t remember whether or not the craft reflected light on the ground and didn���t recall any electromagnetic interference.Needless to say, the three witnesses were frightened. L---- stated that she yelled, ���NO WAY! What the hell am I doing? I���m getting out of here.���, and attempted to accelerate around the craft. Her young son, according to the witness was crying and lying on the back seat floor. The witness does not recall passing the craft or turning left toward Meredith. She had no continuous memory of what came next. As if no time had passed, her next memory was of driving on the northbound ramp Exit 23 on the opposite side of I-93. Her son was no longer crying. Shaken, she pulled into a garage on the north side of Route 104 owned by Mr. (anonymous), whom she knew. She described her emotional state as laughing, crying, scared and excited. There were several men in the garage and she asked them to join her outside to assure her she wasn���t seeing what she thought she was seeing. They all observed a boomerang shaped craft that was up on its side between the garage and the trees adjacent to the garage. She couldn���t estimate its size but said that it was almost as long as the garage in height. There was a pattern on the craft that she couldn���t reproduce exactly. The silent object moved slowly behind the garage. Orange and yellow steady lights lined the front edge of the boomerang. The witness and her friend returned to her car and proceeded east on Route 104. They observed the craft which seemed to pace her vehicle The witness stated that when they arrived at their destination they were excited, happy and scared. Her son, who was normally outgoing and active, sat quietly on the couch. The witness���s father went outside to attempt to observe the craft but it was no longer in sight. The gospel singers had completed their practice and were preparing to leave. The witness guessed that she arrived at her parents��� home least an hour later than expected. The witness���s eyes were burning pressure and pain about a week later. Both witnesses would occasionally experience this strange tingling between their eyebrows, which signaled them that a UFO was nearby. They drove to the sensed location and observed UFOs on several occasions. They saw a light (like the one on I-93 and the boomerang) moving above the lake. It was never as large as the ones in their first sighting. Orange, white, blue and maybe green. They could go up, down, sideways, zigzagging, moved away at an incredibly fast rate, almost as if it had turned its lights out. The witness stated that she and her friend often experienced a tingling sensation between their eyebrows after the UFO encounter and ���sensed��� that they should drive to a designated location to observe a UFO. They complied with this sensory input and observed what she described as 20-30 UFO sightings over a two year period. On one occasion her mother videotaped the UFO but her grandmother accidently taped over it, she stated.At night she sometimes would feel this sensation like they���re coming and felt that they were coming before she went to bed at night.��� She felt that they could come through walls. Witness reported that she hadn���t read any books and had never heard that they could pass through walls. She recalls the sensation of someone in her bedroom but does not recall observing anyone. She said it was the feeling of getting a physical from a doctor. She could see shadows a lot of big black eyes all around her and touching her. She felt like she was suspended in the air. She would feel like she didn���t like it and wanted to go back home. This would frighten her and she would remain awake for a while. She would have these flashes of memory when she woke up in the morning. She has considered hypnosis and stated that she would like to know, but at the same time doesn���t want to know. The witness���s friend M----- remarried and moved to England. I have emailed an inquiry to her but have not received a reply. L----- informed me that M----- intends to respond to my inquiry, so I am waiting to hear from her.The garage owner refuses to discuss his UFO observation. He suffered criticism and humiliation following the newspaper publicity and wants to ���forget about it.��� Additionally, he is caring for his aged wife and wants to be left alone. I traveled to Laconia, NH���s library and spent the day researching its newspaper archives for September 15, 1978-March 31, 1979 and September 15, 1979-March 31, 1980. It was a 150 mile round trip journey. I wasn���t able to locate the UFO sighting report. I have researched the MUFON, NUFORC and NICAP archives and have not been able to locate this sighting report. My investigation is temporarily on hold until I receive more precise information from the witness or a reply from her friend in England.

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