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Helsinki, Uusimaa (Finland)

Sighted on Tuesday 31. December 2002
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Shape: Other | Duration: Undisclosed

UFO observations from years back:Incident #1:Location Finland/capital city Helsinki.Date: early 70,tees, autumn sometimes in september or early octoberTime: around 20.00 - 21.00 in the evening so the sky was dark black.Temperature & weather: around +10C���, practically no wind and a clear skyIt was back sometimes in the early 70-tees and I went out on the balcony (top floor) where I had a pretty good view over the surrounding area and from where one could see nearly from horizon to horizon. Suddenly there were three white lihts in a triangular formation appearing from southwest and just going from horizon to horizon without any sound or any other observable thing than that visual. No slipsteam or tail. This at a speed where I turned my head following that sight in about two or three seconds at the most. The elevation did definitly not change so it could not have been a "falling star" nor lightbeams from any groundbased source. Strangely about two weaks later I just happened to go out on the balcony to "check out" possible UFO,s and the very same thing happened. I know what I saw but I have no reasonable explanation what that could have been. I remember though reading later somewhere that around that time similar observations had been made elsewhere and that, that lightphenomena had stopped somewhere over StPetersburg on the Russian side. They never found out what it might have been.Incident #2:Date: late 70,tees/early 80,tees, winter ���mid of january/february? (can���t exactly recall)Time: late evening and totally blackTemperature & weather: around -20C��� practically no wind and a clear skySometimes in the late 70,tees/early 80,tees we were two guys out on a camping and survival expedition in the outer archipelago off the Finnish southcoast. It was damned freezing cold and we were dragging our equipments in sledges. A couple ours of skiing took us to a suitable bay (protected from hard winds from all directions) by an unoccupied island where we decided to make our camp for the night. We raised our tent on the ice just down by the beach. It was easier to get those spikes down in ice than in frozen earth. We needed to make a good campfire so we went out in the forest to get some wood and maybe find a good bigger treestump (you know those tarfilled things that will burn for hours). As we were there in that forest (dusk was falling so it was becoming a bit dark) separated at a distance about 30-40 meters from each others we both stopped sawing and chopping wood practically simultaneously and both looked up on a small hill nearby. Somebody was ther checking us out. We shouted hello but got no answer so we went up there but couldn���t find any tracks in that kneedeep snow. It was somewhat puzzeling. The darkness fell over us and we eventually made our campfire near our tent and as we were sitting there by it making some chew we saw some skier with a headlamp skiing along the opposite side of that bay (distance about 150 meters) and finally dissapearing somewhere out into the darkness over that frozen sea. We could not clearly see the body of that skier but merely the headlight that followed the shape of the terrain. We wondered what kind of an idiot would be out there sking at that time of the hour. The distance to the mainland was maybe some two and a half kilometers. The next morning we packed up our gears and decided to follow the track of that nightly skier. There was no track, no trace of anybody being there since that snow had fallen and during that clear night there had been no snowfall at all. We know that we experienced something weird out ther but we have no explanation of what it might have been. Note: we did not boose it up that night nor did we use any other "mindexpanding" stuff. Out there camping under pretty extreme and cold conditions you don���t make any mistakes like not staying absolutely sober. Likewise you don���t go out there camping in the winter unless you have firstclass gears and are in a good physical and mental condition yourself.These are just just two experiences I���ve had throughout the years. I beleive in UFO,s but even if I���ve read quite a lot about them (after these incidents) I have no ideas what is out there. Something is! Is it in our minds even if we don���t think about them or do we occationally and actually see and experience things we can���t explain. I���m a reasonable man in my full sences and I don���t go for that ET-stuff as an explanation for all of these obsevations people are reporting but they surely touch and puzzles your mind and imagination when you have an actual experience of your own.

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