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Carmel, California (United States)

Sighted on Monday 01. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Sphere, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

BRIGHT STROBE STAR LIKE OBJECT. WITH MOTION, FLASHING RED, BLUE ,WHITE, YELLOW LIGHT. APPEARED NEXT DAY APX SAME TIME AND LOCATION. APPEARANCE: Apx. 9 PM PST. Appears at apx. S.S.E about 75 degrees off horizon, brightest object in area. Unlike stars, lights strobe with color distinct color changes. Color is intense, red, blue, yellow and white blue light. Light intensity did not change over time. Apx 1 1/2 hour of observation.Note: Appeared the next night at about the same time in the same place in sky. Did not observe on 3rd night.HAS MOVEMENT: It was the slow movement and the bright flashing that attracted my attention, first seen while casually looking out a window while watching a 52 inch TV on the same wall as window. Despite the TV and a lighted room, this object movement, light intensity and color strobe effect caught my attention through the corner of my eye, as seen first looking out through the window.At first, the object moved slowly in a straight westward arch only a several degrees, That is what first caught my attention, then the oddly strobing of colored lights. I used a fixed position of window frame to confirm this more rapid movement. Then after about 5 minutes became "fixed" in the sky, remained stationary, and tracked westward with other star movement over next hour and a half or more. I went outside on deck next to window facing the object, assumed it was a large aircraft with unusual colors, but when it didn't approach or move away, I knew that this was now an object I could not identify. I called to my girl friend who came out and she too could see and describe the same object as I saw it.OBSERVER: I have good eyes, recently checked. I use to be a pilot and owner of a private aircraft. I am an professional artist, and have painted airplanes, and so I do look at flying aircraft often. I like to look at the stars in this area of the sky often, once or twice a week min. never seen this one before. Note: I do not drink or use drugs, never have, so there are no metabolic effect or distortions.CONDITION OF NIGHT SKY: No clouds, clear. More stars visible than usual. Typical light atmospheric effects on all stars, with irregular same and near same color distortions. All stars in area where not blinking these unusual colors, or in set patterns as subject object, I believe this would rule out atmospheric effects.I noticed other reports of same and similar objects, at different dates and times, mostly this year. Why I am reporting this is because of a similar report in AU, which is in the Southern Hemisphere!The Southern Hemisphere views different stars and castellations as seen from the Northern Hemisphere.QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED:Who else noticed this? Why are there viewers of same or similar objects in the Southern Hemisphere?Could this be the Space Station or Other Man made space objects?Does the Space station use Colored Lights?Where would I go, or who could find out sky orientation to confirm or rule our man made objects?Thank you for your time and attention,The viewers.

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