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Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 23. December 2008
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Shape: Other, Unknown | Duration: 02:00:00

At approx. 8:30pm my huband and I had just gotten home from work. He started cooking dinner and I was sitting on the couch watching tv. As I sat on the couch I heard and felt a deep rimble from outside, it shook the house a little. I remember thinking to myself, "wow, I hope that plane isn't going to crash into my house..it seems very low." As the rumble faded to the distance my husband's cell phone rang. Our friend/neighbor wanted to let us know that he and his stepdad were outside smoking a cigarette, when they noticed in the sky a long object with fast, strobing, white lights. They said then out of nowhere a military jet chased after the object. They said the object took off. As I am getting this information I was debating on whether to throw on some clothes and get in the car and go look. After all it was rather cold out. My husband and I debated for a few minutes and said, what the hell. We jumped in the car and all we grabbed was the binoculars. I mean I really didn't expect to see anything..we aren't that lucky. I guess I was wrong. We drove down the street a couple of blocks to the left. My husband has better eyesight than me so he took control of the binoculars. He spotted of what appeared to be a really bright star however with closer examination through the binoculars, the object was strobing some other colors. Then both of us saw it move rapidly from one spot to another. I could not beleive it! I looked at him and he looked at me to make sure we both saw the same thing. We decided to try to find a more secluded area that didn't have cars and street lights (because of glare issues),so we drove across the street to the local high school's field. The whole time fixated on the object. I didn't want to lose it. We get to the school,get out of the car and got a better view of the object. It hovered high in the sky and from what we could see it had red,blue,green,yellow, and white strobing lights. the lights moved so rapidly and even appeared to make some weird formations. I could not believe what we were seeing. Is this for real? We continued to watch the object for about 15 min. then I told my husband to run home and grab the camera,the phone, and our neighbor (the one who initially spotted it). I decided I'd stay put and watch. Icouldn't take my eyes off of this spectacular thing in the sky. As soon as my husband drove off the lights started to become more intense and more rapid like it was going crazy. It started making crazy shapes and figure eight shapes and big loops and zig zags up and down, across the sky...I absolutely could not believe I was witnessing this incredible light show. It got so intense that I,for a brief second, became a little scared. However, shock and amazement prevailed. It was almost as if "they" knew I was watching them? It sounds weird, but that is exactly what it felt like. When my husband came back I tried to explain to him this incredile light show. I handed him the binoculars, but the lights apparently went back to the normal fast dancing strobes like he saw before. I just could not get him to understand the light show I saw no matter how I tried to describe. The only way I can try to explain it is as if I was at a greatful dead concert times 1000!! and with new shapes! We continued to watch the object a little longer then it began to fade into the cloud cover and to the distance. I forgot we did snap a photo. We went back home to see if the picture showed anything. It was faint, but zooming helped a little. After a little while at home we ran outside to see if it was still there. I couldn't believe it, but it was. This time it had shifted to the right of our house, but still visible from the school. I looked at my husband and said, "do you want to try again?" So we jumped in the car a second time over to the school. I looked through the binoculars, but I could tell it was definately farther away which made it more difficult to see. Although I could see the faint strobing. My husband snapped two more pictures and it became apparent that it seemed to be leaving. It sounds strange, but I was actually sad to see it go. I guess I know that I will probably never witness anything like that again. I've always believed we weren't alone. You'd have to be so self-centered to think that we are the only ones who occupy this never ending universe, but I never believed for a million years that I would be lucky enough to even come that close to something from another world. Of all places this object could've picked in this word, that night it was right outside my door. I hit the jackpot that night. I will never ever forget that experience as long as I live and am truly greatful that it happened to me. *we were able to get a couple of pretty good photos with enhancing them the colors were out of this word. I didn't submit the photos because I want it to be mine.*

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