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Ipswich, South Dakota (United States)

Sighted on Friday 13. February 2009
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Shape: Circle, Flash, Sphere, Star-like, Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

02/13/09 2119 hrs. I took my dog outside, while he was exploring the yard, I looked west and saw what i first thought was the local medevac chopper coming in from the west. I watched it for a couple of minutes,there were no strobes or navigation/position lights visible, and it seemed to be heading west, but very slowly. I took the dog back in the house,and grabbed my binoculars. I live on the southwestern edge of town, so i jumped into my pickup and headed west on hiway 12 to get away from the lights of town. i proceded to go 4 miles west, and pulled onto an approach and killed the lights and engine. I was facing west so i could brace the binos on the steering wheel to stabilize the image.what i saw through the binos wasn't one, but two objects in close proximity with a connecting beam of light between the two. both objects were circular in shape overall, but made up of seperate points of light.about 7 or 8.(because of the binos?) the object to the right in my field of vision was partially obscured by the beam of light which appeared to sort of wrap, partially around it. the two objects moved back and forth toward each other and away from each other slightly. i watched this for a few minutes,until the windows started to fog on my truck. i started the vehicle and headed back toward town. i could still see the objects in my rearview mirror appearing as a really bright star until i got into town and i had to pay closer attention to my driving, than the objects. by the time i got back home the objects were no longer visible. It was extremely clear last night 16 degrees 77% humidity wind was NW @4 mph. i hope someone else saw this! i wish now i had stayed until they went away, i also wish my video cam was charged! i really have no idea how far these objects actually were away from me. so i can't say how big they were.

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