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San Antonio, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 22. February 2009
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Shape: Flash, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

I was at a friend's home in San Antonio,Tx. The Neighborhood is called Willshire Terrace in the Terrell Hills area of San Antonio. This neighborhood is roughly 2 miles from Downtown proper. The cross streets closest to this neighborhood are Austin Hwy., Rittiman Rd., and Harry Wurzbach Rd. The thing that makes this most interesting is that Fort Sam Houston Army Base borders this neighborhood and is almost literally a stones throw (about 2 blocks) from the fence of this base. I was standing outside with two other friends, it was about 2am. As we were talking, a bright white light lit up the sky and the entire yard. At first I thought that someone had taken a picture, there had been a photographer with us earlier in the night, but this lasted too long to be a camera flash. All three of us quickly realized that this light was coming from the sky. I happened to be in the position where I was looking directly at the object when we looked up in the sky, my two friends were looking at me and had to turn around when they looked up, whereas I just had to raise my head. The object was directly in my field of vision. Needless to say I got a pretty good look at this, and it was Intensely BRIGHT. As I'm looking at it I'm trying to process everything about it. I was expecting this to look as if it was a falling star or a heavy meteor but it wasn't any of those things. I noticed that this light had a somewhat definite geometric shape. It was square with pointed corners. The edges of the square were slightly concave, just a slight bend which didn't make it look like a traditional square. The object seemed to be glowing all over. Which made it seem more like a light than something that was being lit up. The best way that I can describe it was a rapid flickering not unlike a strobe light, but whereas a strobe has a brief pause between flashes this has no pause. I might even go so far as to say it was twinkling. This square also seemed to give off a corona or halo of light around it as it moved, not unlike the corona you would see around street lights after being in the swimming pool for a while. Also, the corona around the object still remained fixed and did not seem to spin, which is exactly what one would expect of an object immiting light The square light seemed to be spinning as it fell out of the sky. The spin was in a counter-clockwise rotation. The angle that the object was very steep in relation to the horizon, so I knew this quickly would rule out the possibility that this was any kind of aircraft landing nearby. Also there was no noise whatsoever as this object rapidly descended from the sky. The object also seem to fall in somewhat of a diagonal and downward location to the left, which at that time I attributed to its counter-clockwise spin. The object was very low in the sky, so low it seemed like it was going to scrape a rooftop or that if I had thrown a rock I could've hit it. As I watched this square fall from the sky I noticed that it seemed to be generating a kind of trail behind it. This is somewhat of an internal debate with myself as to if what I saw was pieces of this object trailing off as debris behind it, several smaller objects falling behind it, or simply the ocular, or visual flare, a "trick of the eye" so to speak; since what I was looking at was very bright and it hurt my eyes a bit after looking at it so intensely. But I will describe it as I saw it initially that night: What I saw trailing immediately behind the first square were two to three smaller sized squares and a Red circular light, which seemed to flare yellow in the center. This entire object and its trail or flare, whatever the case may be, descended in the aforementioned diagonal downward direction below the treeline in what I could best judge at the time to be southeast towards the army base/downtown area. Although the easterly inclination of fall would best lend itself to the area of the base or the I-35 N./Loop 410 interchange. I remember thinking that this is not any kind of star or meteor I've ever seen. I grew up in a rural area and have spent a lot of time camping. I've seen falling stars and meteor showers. This was too low in the sky to be any kind of falling star. This was right over my head. This object didn't seem heavy. It seemed very light. I remember thinking to myself that this object seemed to be floating out of the sky rather than falling. However, I also thought to myself that this didn't seem to be the natural state of this object, that something was wrong and that is was in distress. The emotion of it just seemed akin to watching a plane fall out of the sky, rather than watching a falling star or meteor. At the time I saw this I remember thinking that I should really observe this thing. I had been hearing some talk of recent sightings of lights over the Texas area, and also of a recent satellite collision. I remember processing this in my mind and asking myself, is this debris? is this a light of an aircraft? is it an aircraft? I remember thinking to myself to look at the sky around the object, that maybe it was a light attached to something bigger. As I did this I looked around for a split second but the sky seemed normal around it; however my eyes were somewhat strained from staring at the light. When I refocused my eyes on the object it was just in time to see it disappear below the tree-line. I asked my two friends if they had seen this. One of them told me that it looked like a darker, bigger square or perhaps a triangular shape was around it. I believe he was insinuating some form of craft, but I did not see this. However, you must remember, he had to turn around to look at this, I was staring right into the light. It's entirely possible that he got a better look at the sky around the light than I did before he saw the light itself. So I did not dismiss his observation. The other friend told me that he had just seen the light. He turned around a bit slower than the rest of us. I think he might have thought it was a camera flash and looked around the yard first before noticing we were looking at the sky and then turning around to look himself. As I said it came right down into my field of vision as I looked up. There is one more addendum to this story. Two days later a friend of mine mentioned to me that he had seen "something like a falling star" that same night. I hadn't told him what I had seen yet and I asked him to describe it to me.The following is what he told me: He was driving south on Bandera Rd. towards the direction of Downtown. He was on the road in an area that is roughly 10-15 miles North/Northwest from where I was.He told me he was looking at downtown when he saw a streak of light fall from the sky over and to the left, but in front, of the downtown area. This would place the light close to my area. This completely surprised me because I didn't expect that anyone else might have seen this. I asked him what time he saw this light. He said he couldn't quite remember, he told me it was after he had spoken to me earlier that night. I looked at my phone and saw that his call was shortly before midnight that evening. I asked him if he could make out a shape or anything from where he was. He told me no, that to him it looked like a streak of light, but that it didn't start high in the sky, it started lower to the horizon. I told him what I had seen but he told me from where he was he couldn't make out any shape. I didn't expect that he would be able to from the distance he was, but I was more interested in the location of where he saw it. That it was definitely over the downtown area, was in front of the skyline, and lower in the sky than the stars. That is the end of what he told me about what he saw. Now if you're wondering about the person seeing this thing. I must tell you, I take a skeptical approach to my belief in UFOs. Although I do enjoy reading of UFO sightings and such phenomenon, I don't lend myself to mass hysteria. I don't know if what I saw was a craft of some sort, it definitely was not what I would say would be the "classic" definition of a flying saucer. However, it was not something I was familiar with ever seeing in the sky. As I said before, I have been in rural areas with lots of stars in the sky. I have seen "shooting stars" and meteor showers both close up and far away. This was not like anything of that sort, and I was in the middle of the city, not many stars, even "shooting stars" can be seen through the street lights and haze. I have lived in this city and seen many different types of aircraft fly in and out of the military bases and airport here. This was not like any aircraft or aircraft lighting that I have seen. Also there was NO sound, military aircraft are noisy even flying high over the city, at the altitude this object was, if it was any type of aircraft the noise would've been deafening. I am in my mid-twenties, I am an educated and I would say fairly intelligent person, and I have no reason to think that me seeing this was any trick of the mind. I have two people who were with me that night and a third who was not too far away from the area see the same thing at the same time. I'm sure there were more people out there who must've seen it as well. The were a lot of people who would be on the road at about that time on a saturday night, also a military instillation close by, so the chances are not too slim. The one thing I wish was that I would've had my video camera, or that I would've been able to getout a cell phone and snap a picture or something. The whole incident happened so fast, literally in about 10 seconds, so the was little time to react in such a way. I walked inside afterwards and told the photographer whom was there that evening that they missed the best shot of the night.

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