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New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (Canada)

Sighted on Tuesday 24. February 2009
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Shape: Diamond, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

i saw this in the sky when i was out for a walk on Feb 24, 2009, around 9:00pm in Nova Scotia, Canada.i looked up as i was walking down my hill and saw these lights in the sky on my street.**please notice how the lights change colour in a rotation, except for the red one (if you can, poor quality, i know)**when i first seen it, i knew it was something strange, which made me take out my phone and capture it for proof when i go to tell the story to people, or to see if anyone else could identify it.the whole thing was moving as a unit, not making any noise; then it stopped suddenly.originally i meant to just take a picture, but my camera phone was on the video setting by accident. the original size of the object is located in the first 1-3 seconds before i zoom in.i wish i could have captured a longer film, but i tried to switch to photo (i dont know why, i hesitated i guess) and started moving once again and it dissapeared out of sight behind trees (in the forest surrounding my area) shortly after... it was the weirdest thing i have ever seen.also, i live on the street that i saw it on, therefore i know its not street lights, or lanterns or anything like that, its something i have never seen before.

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