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Crossroads, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 08. March 2009
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Shape: Square, Rectagular, Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

I live in housing community that's in the country; so there is a neighborhood and a 2 lane paved road connecting it to a highway. This event happened while leaving the neighborhood.I left the neighborhood at 4:25 am, and had just started down the road. It was a very bright night, mostly due to the moon it seemed. It was warm out, windy and there were a lot of low moving clouds. It wasn't raining or storming, but had that sort of feel. It was nice enough out that I rolled down my window, I was heading north so the moon was on the drivers side. I looked up to see the moon and sky when I saw 4 lights that seemed to be attached to each other; although I could not see any form holding them together. They were as bright as the moon was and seemed to be fairly low, my guess is that they were under 400 feet in altitude. The color of the light was a white/blue. They didn't change color and resembled a bright light at a stadium. If the lights were all connected and it was 1 object, it would have been a very large object. My guess is that the area they covered was about half a football field. My perspective may not have allowed me to see the entire object.The first time I saw the lights I returned my eyes to the road and thought it was just a reflection in the window. Then I realised, the window was down and looked up again to see the exact same lights; this time with a bit of a startle. I relaxed and looked up a 3rd time, but then it was gone. I didn't see it fly off or move away; although I was also trying to watch the road. I returned back down the road about an hour later and saw nothing.

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