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Würzburg, Bayern (Germany)

Sighted on Sunday 08. March 2009
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Shape: Disc | Duration: Undisclosed

Hello,Last sunday I had a rather strange encounter with a disturbing object in the sky above W���rzburg, Germany. I was walking along the railroad lines along the river Main to scout new fishing locations. It was already pretty late, it was getting dark, I started to freeze and I wanted to move back towards the city, when I noticed the silence. There was no car, nothing. I stopped and looked around me. Although it was a pretty shitty day to be out, nature had a strange beauty in the fading daylight. Suddenly I got a strange feeling in my chest, like when I was standing on a vibrating platform, but only very faint. Suddenly I felt weak and then I noticed an object in the sky. It was hovering just at the base of the deep hanging clouds and dissappeared every once in a while into the moving clouds maintining its altitude. There was no sound except some light wind, only the strange humming feeling inside my body, maybe like pulsating electricity, I have no idea, I haven't felt like that before. At first, while it was still pretty close, I didn't move at all. I was like in a shock. But while it slowly moved away I realized that what I was seeing might be quite unique and took out my cellphone. I wanted to take a picture but the display wasn't working right. The images had stripes and pressing the trigger didn't do anything. Only when the object was already pretty far it worked, I shot the attached picture and then, seconds later, the disk was covered in clouds once more and I never saw it again. Here are a few facts:size: can't tell, but I would guess it was pretty big, like 50 meters maybe? The clouds, although deep this day, are still a few hundred meters above ground, so the thing should be bigger than just 10 meters.shape: flat gray disk with lights at the bottomheight: just below the clouds/ in the cloudstime: around 6 pm, dawnspeed: slowly moving across the skylights: three white/blueish and one red, no blinking etc.duration: very hard to tell, it felt much longer than it probably was, maybe 15 seconds for the whole encounterAs I work for the local city administration I can not give you my real name, nobody would take me serious anymore here in W���rzburg. I never believed in aliens or UFOs, but this thing got me thinking and I actually have no satisfying explanation for it. Maybe you guys know more about this thing, especially because it doesn't look like the typical UFO that I have seen on the many silly photos on TV.Regards,Martin


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