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Molde, Møre og Romsdal (Norway)

Sighted on Sunday 25. January 2009
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Shape: Undisclosed | Duration: Undisclosed

NOTE: The unknown object, which was seen above Kleive, Norway on 25 January 2009 at 0:40 a.m. was a lantern. This is consistent with the observation of the object. The object was orange, and after a while the light dimmed and went out.

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Alesund, Møre og Romsdal (Norway) 2020-01-01 Egg 04:00:00
Molde, Møre og Romsdal (Norway) 2015-10-07 Oval Undisclosed
Molde (Norway) 2015-10-07 Oval 80 minutes
Hellesylt (Norway) 2009-05-31 Disk 1 minute
Kleive (Norway) 2009-01-25 Sphere 3 minutes
Molde, Møre og Romsdal (Norway) 2009-01-25 Sphere 00:03:00
Midsund, Møre og Romsdal (Norway) 2008-08-01 Unknown 00:05:00
Sunnmøre (Norway) 2001-08-15 Disk ?
Hellesylt (Norway) 2001-07-07 Disk Unknown, couple of second
Molde, More og Romsdal (Norway) 2001-01-22 Fireball, Unknown Undisclosed