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La Paz, La Paz (Bolivia)

Sighted on Monday 16. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

On the History channel (HIST HD) airing in Massachusetts at 5:30 PM on 3-16-09. The show was called "Death Road"About 1/2 way through the program, just after it shows a blue and white bus on the death road going past a waterfall that is cascading on the road, then several seconds later, the video showed a view of the valley and monutians heading towards La Paz. At that point in the upper right quadrant of the video, you can very plainly see a silver ball slowly flying across the view in the sky from left to right and the shot lasted about 8 seconds. I could see clearly mountians far behind and below the object and they were were in clear detail as the show was in HD and my TV is a large screen TV. I thought perhaps it was a helicopter,but whereas I could see objects below and further away in very good detail, I did not think that it was the camera pixilating over a helicopter. Although there probably was a helicopter in use during the show. Anyway, I thought that perhaps someone on your staff could retrieve the program and check it out. I reviewed the video as I had recorded it and looked at the video perhaps 20 times. I came back to the initial conclusion, maybe a UFO. Richard Barbieri 3-16-09Ashby, MA

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