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Breckenridge, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 17. March 2009
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Shape: Cigar, Disc, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I don't know if this is worth reporting but on Mar. 15, 2009,while returning home from a local restaurant, I saw a golden orange light east of Breckenridge, TX at about 8:00: p.m. I saw it long enough to realize it wasn't a plane or helicopter. The light was moving North and over Hwy 180 (maybe a mile from my location). The light was lower than the path taken by planes landing and taking off at the local air field and much larger than the average landing light on a fixed wing aircraft. My farm (and residence) is NNE of the local airport, by less than 2 miles. The light appeared to cross Hwy 180 on a South to North heading, and then disappeared.I then left town heading south on Hwy 183. I was about 8-10 miles NE of Cisco when I again saw what appeared to be the same golden orange light, only this time it was to my WSW and it was pacing my car. There was no discernible shape, just the bright light. As I neared Cisco the light winked out and was gone. It paced my car for at least 6 miles. The light was 500 to 800 feet AGL and approx. 1/4 mile from my car. I came to this conclusion by observing the lights of town in comparison of the moving light. Then tonight, March 17, 2009, at 8:15 p.m., I had again left Breckenridge on 183, headed to Cisco. I had just topped 5 Mile Hill. To my South was a bright light, which I first assumed was the star Sirius. It was still dusk and I thought that it was odd how bright Sirius appeared to be, when it was still fairly light outside, plus the light seemed to pulse 3 or 4 times, then flash brightly, in that order, continuously. Suddenly the star began to ascend and become brighter and appeared to be moving somewhat East but I figured that due to the bends in the road, maybe it just appeared to be to moving East.I traveled south and as I reached the rest stop between Breckenridge and Cisco, I again saw the light and it was definitely due East now and approx. 1000 feet AGL. I knew then that it wasn't a star, it was that odd golden orange color. The light had also taken on an elongated shape and if I held a large grain of rice between thumb and finger at arms length, that would almost cover the object.As I kept glancing at this golden object, another object appeared slightly behind and above the first object, both the same size, so that it looked like 2 large glowing grains of rice, side by side. I passed a pickup on the side of the road and the driver seemed to be looking at the lights. I started reaching for my camera and began slowing down to stop and take a photo but as soon as tapped the brakes and released the cruise control, the object(s) rapidly dimmed and disappeared. When the lights disappeared, they were approximately 40 degrees North and East of the cutoff to Eastland (Hwy 112). Total viewing time for second sighting was about just about 8 minutes.1. I was driving when I saw the light(s).2. The light was directly in front of me, I couldn't miss it.3. I first thought it was a star.4. It was a bright, golden orange colored light that was moving towards me then off to my left. I could not determine speed but I would say it was close to cruising speed of a small single engine prop airplane. Then 1 became 2.5. Had no specific emotions at the time of sighting.6. Object(s) dimmed to nothing, disappeared.I am enclosing a digital art depiction of how the lights of the second sighting appeared.


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