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Cocalzinho de Goiás, Goiás (Brazil)

Sighted on Thursday 25. December 2008
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Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I can't really believe that I am doing this. Because at the beginning, I didn't believe this UFO stuff. My father however liked it very much, for some reason. But after what I've seen, I'm a believer. I even thought I was crazy - Actually, I still believe that I am indeed crazy... But that event truly disturbed me. I'll try my best to explain.It was my family vacations. We always go to the country-side when we are on vacations or holidays. On a Camping Resort Corumb���, I don't know if it's like that in English, in portuguese is Salto Corumb��� - Camping Clube Hotel. I even have the link of their website.These are the Geografic Coordinates of this club.15���50'49,5"S48���45'52,1"Whttp://www.saltocorumba.com.br/index.php?id=acessoWell, it was a day before Christmas, round about midnight. I was sitting outside on the cold and dark night, my parents were inside the house. I was just staring at the stars, I'm a star lover, I confess. So I was just looking up, looking at that beautiful MilkyWay and all those stars. Then something in the horizon caught my eye. A little light, as big as the other stars, at first I thought it was a satellite or something like that. Because the little light was doing a straight movement. But, all of a sudden the little light started to return on the line it was doing. It was doing a up-forward-straight movement, then it started to go right back at the same movement it was doing. I thought it strange, and I started to follow the light with my eyes. When the light reached the ground, it made a motion on the horizon. As I was looking: An up, down, right and left movement. It really started to scare me. because it was going faster and faster and faster... I started to reach out for my camera that was just at the floor. When I looked up to see if the light didn't go away, it stoped, brighten up a little bit more, and like a shooting star, when up to the skies. After the light went away a strong and freezing wind blown where I was. It was really scary. My father and my mother don't know about this. I didn't want to make them think I was going mad. Even though I thought I was... When the light went away, I was so afraid, so scared, that I got up, and went inside the house, without a word to my parents and I made myself go to sleep. But I couldn't sleep that night at all... I was scared, that "something" would get me. I was feeling sick. Like, having a sensation that something was watching me... So everytime that I started to sleep, a nightmare filled my mind. And it was always the same nightmare. About the light. That the light came upon me. One of my friends, said that it was probably a demon, or something like that. I don't know! I really don't know!!I hope you guys can believe me... You must hear these thing everyday, everytime and everywhere. But, you are the only ones that can make me believe that I was not at all crazy. To speak the truth, if I had the power. I would go back on that night and make sure I was inside the house with my parents. Not staring the skies. So I wouldn't have seen that light.

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