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Overmere, Flemish Region (Belgium)

Sighted on Friday 20. February 2009
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Shape: Square, Rectagular, Other | Duration: 00:00:02

i guess the only reason i could see it, was because it "reflected" light, as the reflection quickly ran over its 'body' I could clearly make out some of the outer linings, I don't drink, wasn't high, and consider myself a smart person. it happened like this; I went in my back garden to take a piss and as i looked up to the stars -like I ALWAYS do- i was stunned, about 50 to 60 meters high, i could CLEARLY make out this 'ship', it looked like an upside-down boat but much more square, didn't look aero-dynamic at all, moved real slow, and as that bronze-like reflection went over it, then i was sure that either i lost my mind or i saw for the first time ever something out of this world. I checked if it couldn't have been a weather-balloon, but it was way to big.. to this day my mind still does not believe what my eyes saw.i thought it looked like a ship and to be honest the first thing that came to my mind was that it "renewed it's "shield"" almost stealth-like.I know it sounds real dumb, but that was my first thaught4. it floated over, no noise i think, it was heading away from me, look the sky was dark and i only saw it when it reflected light, but i had the impression that the light ran over a big part of this vessel.5.I was in awe, just stood there, I didn't even want to blink, I went back inside shaking, nervous, regret that i couldn't back it up. I calmed down for about 45minutes, maybe less, then i told my girlfriend, but she's too rational to be open for other life.. to this day i blaim a space-partical hitting my eye and causing this-as they do every second- this way I have an explanation

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Brabant (Netherlands) 2002-09-29 Light 0:45
Oosterhout (Netherlands) 2002-09-19 Changing 3 minutes
Middelkerke (Leffinge) (Belgium) 2002-08-08 Oval unknown
Namur (Belgium) 2002-07-27 Triangle 1 minute
Brussels (40 km east of) (Belgium), . 2002-07-27 Light 30 sec
St-Truiden (Belgium) 2002-04-02 Light 3 seconds
Torhout (Belgium) 2002-02-12 Circle 10 sec
Mechelen (Belgium) 2001-08-24 Formation +/- 2 minutes
Zwevegem (Belgium) 2001-08-10 Unknown 25 minutes
Antwerp (Belgium), . 2001-05-11 Other 4 seconds