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Scammon, Kansas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 04. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: Undisclosed

At 1:23am 4/4/09 My 17 year old son and I were pulling out of our driveway to pick up my other son. As we driving down the street heading east a huge bright light came up above the tree line to our north. We both turned and saw a large orange light just above the trees it was not round nor square nor oval, I could not make out the shape as it was so bright. My first thought was than we were being bombed, but then I realized that it was going up not coming down. My son is yelling "What is that"? We turned the car North and sped to where it was, just before we got near it started moving east across the sky. My son is telling me to call the police. I told him they would think I was crazy. We could not hear anything but as it started moving east it looked as if it had a net over the top of it. Just above the orange light something was visible but not lit up and this was what appeared to have a huge net over it. You could see something under the net. The only way to discribe it is like a huge mobile home in the sky with the back of it having large bright orange lights brighter than any light I have ever seen. My son and I were both scared. He told me to give him my cell phone so he could get a picture of it before it moved too far away. The picture was taken on my cell phone and the object was much closer to us then it appears on the picture. The object went East and in less than a minute after taking the picture we could no longer see it. We tried calling my younger son's cell phone several times and he did not answer. I really feared that he had been taken by this strange object as he always answers for me. My 17 year old was saying the same thing to me. We drove the 5-6 blocks back to our house and I pulled in the drive way. My son went in to get his cell to see if his brother would answer for him. As I sat in the driveway the object appeared to be coming back toward us. My son saw it as he came out of the house and ran to the car yelling "it is coming back chase it". We pulled out of the driveway and just before it looked to have reached the edge of town our visiblity was blocked by trees for a split second and then it vanished. We noticed about 5 minutes later that a sheriff patrol had came in to town. I think that he was there because he had seen the light also.


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