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Dixon, Illinois (United States)

Sighted on Friday 06. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: Undisclosed

On March 6th 2009, My girlfriend and I were watching TV in our bedroom when both our dogs started to bark, I assumed they just had to go out so I put both their leashes on, took two steps out my front door, and heard a huge rumble. I asked my girlfriend if she heard that, and in a panic she stated "yes, what was that". We both felt the house shake, and thought it was an earthquake, after about 1-2 min. I continued to take the dogs out because they were barking more than before. As I went back down the front pourch I heard, and felt it again. I looked around outside to see if anybody else was outside. We live out in the country, in a higher end subdivision, so somebody is usally in sight, but nobody else came outside their homes. I continued to walk down the driveway, when I looked up and saw two blinking white lights that were at least 1.5-2.0 miles away from eachother, then I heard the noise again, this time it sounded like 2 F-14 flying at 1000ft directly overhead, and for a second I thought that it was 2 Fighter jets in 1 mile formation from each other. It was very dark and extremely overcast so I had a great background that was lit up cloud cover. I yelled at my girlfriend to come outside quickly. The dogs were going nuts. As we watched these lights, they were both directly across from one another, and moving very very slow. I knew then it wasnt jets/airplanes/helicopters. As we both watched the lights go over our road, the back light of cloud cover began to reveal a solid object from one light to the other. I could see that it was one ENORMOUS craft shaped exactly like a boomerang. we both were in awe!! This thing was HUGE, to big to fly, I couldnt believe what I was seeing. It was breathtaking. As we watched it fly, I could faintly hear the sound of several jet engines. This thing just "FLOATED" across the sky. The body was a shiney black, which at times looked like it was blending into the sky. I ran the dogs back into the house, and to get my video camera. The camera was completely dead, and I was in a panic. I ran back outside, and we both watched as this thing cruised straight North towards Wisconsin. This experience has changed my thought on our skies. While I have no doubt that this was one of our own creations, probably military, It makes me wonder, How in this world could something that HUGE float so smoothly across the sky? I am unsure why it was flying so low(probably around 5000ft), and why did it make so much noise. I have alot of details, and could write about our experience for a long time, but that is the major parts. I know our military has secrect aircraft likes this, but if you ask me, they werent being very secretive. It was amazing to see, and I feel privileged. Sorry about all the spelling errors. Thanks for listening, Im curious if anyone else saw this craft that night. - {pid}

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