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Suceava, Suceava (Romania)

Sighted on Sunday 30. June 2002
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Shape: Star-like, Triangle, Other | Duration: Undisclosed

It was a few years ago, but I can remember pretty clearly that night. We were on camp fire on a field just outside the city. I was lying on my back checking out the stars, looking for satellites and meteors, when I saw -coming from north-west - a group of three bright dots moving with a constant speed and direction towards south-east. The dots were arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle (group 1, as pictured in my sketch). I pretty quickly ruled out the aircraft theory - I happen to be an amateur astronomer and an aviation fan and I know an aircraft when I see it, no matter if it's night or day. I watched as the starry triangle passed above us and eventually dissapeared near the horizon. The other guys weren't impressed by the sighting, but I considered it at least nice, if not thought provoking. The pass took, from the moment I discovered the dots, about one or two minutes, but I might be wrong since I was quite hyped. Soon after that I spotted another two bright dots (group 2), this time coming from north and heading south. They appeared to have the same altitude and speed as the previous ones. I thought they were satellites. The speed and size was similar to the orbital satellites I spotted over the years, but I've never saw such groups. Then I thought they maybe were debris, or some shuttle mission docking to the International Space Station, adding modules or whatever. At that time I ran out of scientific explanations and, altough being a skeptic, I made room for some other possibility.Additional notes: * At the time of the sighting I could not have checked on internet if there was a scheduled shuttle mission or some other space activity that might have appeared to ground viewers as stated above.* The triangle wasn't filled/solid since I could see the background stars between its bright dots.* The dots in the sketch and the distances between them are bigger than the originals.Request: I'd like to know your opinion about this event. Thank you.


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